Juvare Announces the Future of Critical Incident Management

Juvare, a worldwide leader in critical incident planning, management, and response technology, announced today the release of Juvare Exchange, the first-of-its-kind collaborative incident management network connecting the public, private and healthcare sectors in real time.

“Incident preparation and response is siloed. Typically, there are multiple departments, agencies, and jurisdictions responding to a critical incident, yet coordination between them remains a challenge, often relying on phone calls, faxes, and email,” remarked Bob Watson, Chief Executive Officer of Juvare. “By connecting all stakeholders, public and private, in a collaborative common operating picture, Juvare Exchange will forever change the way critical incident response is managed.”

Juvare Exchange facilitates faster and broader access to information and resources by standardizing methods of data sharing across sectors and between levels of government through a secure nationwide network. With Juvare Exchange, stakeholders are now able to connect across a broad network of public/private organizations, removing geographical and industry barriers to empower faster, more effective decision making when every second counts.

“Having the ability to communicate information between other systems like EMResource and WebEOC has enhanced our situational awareness both during day-to-day operations and disasters,” said Sebastian Gely, WebEOC System Administrator, Missouri State Emergency Management Agency. “I think Juvare Exchange will continue to grow more and more useful as features and data sources continue to be added to the system, truly making it a ‘one stop shop’ of information.”

The initial release of Juvare Exchange includes a central dashboard with summary status indicators, map views, and a real-time update feed. Data included in the release includes shared data from the Juvare client network as well as external data, including: weather alerts from the National Weather Service, shelter status from the National Shelter System, health advisories from CDC HAN, traffic/road status from HERE.com, and retail store status from SABER. Current Juvare clients may add a Juvare Exchange subscription to their current plan and all new Juvare products sold will be bundled with Juvare Exchange.

“The persistence of critical incidents today, from acts of God to acts of violence, present a multitude of challenges, making it difficult for stakeholders to respond effectively. Collaboration between stakeholders shouldn’t be one of them,” said Jeff Miller, Chief Revenue Officer. “The potential of Juvare Exchange to dramatically improve critical incident response is extraordinary.”


Juvare is a worldwide leader in critical incident preparation, management, and response technology. Juvare solutions empower government agencies, healthcare facilities, corporations, and volunteer organizations to leverage real-time data to manage incidents faster and more efficiently, protecting people, property, and brands. For more information, visit www.juvare.com.

PRESS CONTACT | Josh Byrd | VP, Marketing | Juvare | [email protected]