A Closer Look Launches a Revolutionary Customer Feedback Program

A Closer Look is pleased to announce the new Trusted Partner Program. It provides consumers the ability to give direct and discreet feedback on health and hygiene standards to businesses simply through texting the word SAFE to a national number.

The Trusted Partner Program provides customers a voice in health and hygiene practices at their favorite local businesses.

The Trusted Partner Program provides customers a voice in health and hygiene practices at their favorite local businesses. The program is more than a decal. It is an easy way for customers to provide direct and discreet feedback to businesses on their health and hygiene practices.

It is straightforward: nothing to download, as simple as sending a text message, and it takes less than sixty seconds. Once the customer submits their feedback, the business can access a real-time dashboard to resolve the issue quickly. Then, the company can directly reach out to the customer with permission.

The Trusted Partner Program is a way to build trust. If a business publicly commits to the CDC’s health and safety guidelines, it is not enough to simply state the mission. Chris Gillen, CEO of A Closer Look, notes, “Allowing the customer to tell you whether you are or are not living by those standards is important in the trust-building process.” The company must let the customer decide if they are compliant during their visit.

Many customers post to social media out of frustration due to the lack of direct communication. This can be detrimental to the business because it undermines the commitment to the customer. Furthermore, it never allows the business to fix the issue. Gillen comments, “If none of your employees are wearing masks, you’re going to know that within a few minutes. You can immediately correct the issue, follow-up with the customer, and turn a bad situation into a good situation.” This is what the Trusted Partner Program is all about: creating dialogue and the opportunity to rectify issues.

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