Stratix Enables Employees to Increase Efficiency and Security on Their Devices Using BlueFletch

Stratix Corporation, a leader in Managed Mobility Services (MMS) in the U.S., announces an expansion of their partnership with BlueFletch, and their expertise deploying the BlueFletch enterprise toolset, to provide solutions such as secure login, single sign-on, Enterprise Launcher, Windows, iOS migration and advanced user experience options for employees on their mobile devices.

“Stratix is in a unique position as a partner with BlueFletch. Not only were we one of their first partners, we recognized early the unique value of their enterprise toolset and have been proactive in deploying it to our joint customers,” explained Gina Daniel-Lee, Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships at Stratix. “BlueFletch provides solutions that, paired with Stratix’s extensive MMS portfolio, drive return on investment across the use cases and industries we support, including field services, retail, and manufacturing.”

Many organizations are stuck with single-use devices that can no longer meet the needs of their workforce. The demands for mobile technology are increasing rapidly, and the BlueFletch toolset combined with modern Android devices, allows Stratix to provide an unparalleled end-user experience driving operational and security improvements. Together, Stratix and BlueFletch have been able to solve some of the most pressing issues facing employers today, including:

  • Eliminating wasted employee time spent logging into multiple apps throughout a shift with seamless enterprise-grade SSO
  • Reducing lost and stolen devices with automated check-in/out reporting and device-finding capabilities
  • Improving device versatility through automated configuration specific to each user
  • Optimizing the experience and on-device capabilities through advanced production tools such as widgets, secure chat, and automated contextual device configuration

“We are excited about the feedback from our shared customers, where Stratix has deployed BlueFletch Enterprise,” explained Richard Makerson, CEO of BlueFletch. “The Stratix mobile solutions architect team has invested significant time to train on the BlueFletch toolset, and the results for our joint customers are overwhelmingly positive regarding employee satisfaction and productivity.”

Stratix has a long history of expertise in solution design, comprehensive lifecycle management, and 24x7x365 support that, combined with the BlueFletch enterprise toolset, provides the most comprehensive end-to-end solutions for the enterprise.

About BlueFletch

BlueFletch provides an industry-leading software toolset designed to optimize employee productivity, security, and authentication on shared Android devices. Companies are able to minimize costs associated with employee passwords while streamlining the workflows of frontline workers. With BlueFletch, employers can benefit from employee Single Sign-On, reduced device loss, and more efficient usage of mobile devices. To learn more, visit:

About Stratix

As the most-experienced pure-play enterprise mobility specialist in the U.S., Stratix is dedicated to guaranteeing nonstop mobility. The company leverages over four decades of expertise to accelerate and inspire mobility transformation for some of the world’s largest organizations. Stratix’s SmartMobile programs ensure each client has the right technology, tools, and support programs in place to stay ahead. For additional information,