AI Advances in Healthcare: Koning Corporation Unveils Revolutionary AI-Enhanced Software to Boost Breast CT Image Quality

Koning Corporation, a global leader in breast computed tomography (CT) technology, is thrilled to announce the launch of its breakthrough Artificial Intelligence (AI) software, designed to enhance image quality significantly. The upgrade to their software system is set to provide unparalleled clarity in breast imaging, promising a game-changing impact on the early detection and treatment of breast cancer.

Koning, global leader in breast CT technology, announces breakthrough AI software designed to enhance image quality.

Koning’s new proprietary AI software integrates seamlessly with the company’s existing breast CT imaging platform, to produce high-resolution, 3D images that allow for more accuracy leading to earlier diagnosis.

“We are proud to introduce this revolutionary AI-enhanced Breast CT software,” said Lutao Ning, Koning CEO. “This update to our current platform is set to redefine the standards of image quality in breast CT imaging, empowering radiologists to detect even the smallest irregularities at the earliest stages.”

The AI software goes beyond merely improving image resolution. It also dramatically reduces noise and artifacts that can interfere with image interpretation, enabling radiologists to make more precise diagnoses.

“Breast cancer affects millions of women worldwide. Our mission is to provide healthcare professionals with the most advanced tools possible to detect and treat this devastating disease as early as possible,” said Shawn Liu, Head of R&D at Koning. “This new AI software brings us one step closer to achieving this goal.”

Despite the ongoing controversy surrounding AI, Koning’s AI software is meant to augment existing physician capabilities in a sustainable manner. As AI-enhanced healthcare continues to develop, Koning is ready to implement the change to their platform for any current and future Koning Breast CT users.

About Koning: Koning is a global Health Technology company focused on improving the breast imaging industry with its patented Koning Vera Breast CT (KBCT). Koning’s vision is to create a revolution in medical imaging through advanced computed tomography technology that dramatically improves the way clinicians visualize and evaluate breast tissue. The KBCT is expected to optimize early disease detection, diagnosis, intervention, and treatment, and will improve survival rates for millions of patients worldwide. For more information, visit Koning’s website or email Koning at [email protected].