Alithya Helps Adoption-Share Fast-Track Child Adoption and Foster Placement Using the Microsoft Power Platform

Digital Engagement Project Reduces Adoption
Barriers to Match Kids and Families Faster

Alithya Group inc. (NASDAQ: ALYA) (TSX: ALYA) (“Alithya”) proudly partnered with Adoption-Share, a US-based non-profit organization that leverages technology to reduce the barriers to adoption and ultimately increase the number of child placements into qualified, safe, and loving homes.

Alithya donated time and resources to develop a Microsoft Power App to address one of the agency’s most challenging issues: shortening the time to connect foster-care children with the right adoptive families.

Driving Innovation for a Worthy Cause
Adoption-Share’s cutting-edge Family-Match program was already used by state case workers responsible for matching children in foster-care with a goal of adoption to approved and licensed waiting families. While the application leveraged Azure-based predictive analytics to connect children with waiting families in more efficient and appropriate ways, Adoption-Share recognized the opportunity to speed up the matching process by moving further upstream and engaging families steps in a way they could demonstrate their motivation, willingness, capability, readiness, and compatibility with foster children in their own communities.

Alithya worked with Adoption-Share and built a Microsoft Power App called Faster Families which is part of the Family-Match 2.0 system. The new Power App, along with training content also developed by Alithya, helped Adoption-Share identify and alleviate bottlenecks faced by families during the agency on-boarding process, and as a result, streamlined and pinpointed the most exemplary families who were the most willing, able and interested in moving forward with adoption and foster parent licensing process.

Successful Exercise Showing That Digital Tools Can Change Lives
“The early results are exciting,” says Thea Ramirez, Founder & CEO of Adoption-Share. “During the initial rollout in the Orlando, Florida area, one family was able to complete a home study training and placement within 35 days of beginning the process — a process that previously could have taken years. We look forward to sharing many more stories like this one as the application is deployed in more areas in the US.”

“There is an incredible importance in connecting kids in crisis into loving homes faster,” commented Ryan Casey, Vice President, at Alithya. “Microsoft’s Power Platform enabled us to deploy a solution faster, consistent with that goal. We were honored to participate in this project with Adoption-Share, to extend their use of the Microsoft Power Platform, and to add another powerful app, Faster Families, to their technology arsenal.”

Alithya is proud of the project’s results, highlighted by an increase in the number of potential family matches, and a decrease in the time it takes to match those families with a child. Alithya is also pleased with the work conducted by its Training team, which developed short, bite-sized training videos that convey the user-friendliness of the Faster Families Power App to users. To learn more, read Alithya’s case study on the project, or visit Alithya’s training content and workshops as well as its Microsoft Power Apps web page.

About Alithya and Corporate Responsibility
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About Adoption-Share
Adoption-Share is a 501(c)(3) organization that exists to leverage technology to bring reform, efficiency, and innovation to the private and public US adoption arena. Adoption-Share offers three main programs: 1) advocacy and adoption awareness campaigns, 2) an online network for private domestic adoption, and 3) an online matching tool, the Family-Match program, for state case workers to use in matching foster care children with the best families. For more information, visit