Alithya Unveils Microsoft Healthcare Power Apps

Alithya Group inc. (NASDAQ: ALYA) (TSX: ALYA) (“Alithya”) today announced details of its Alithya 365 Power Apps for Healthcare which further strengthen Alithya’s position as a go-to partner for the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare provides a holistic technology approach to help healthcare organizations have easy and secure access today to data to improve patient experience, patient care, and operational efficiencies.

Alithya 365 Power Apps for Healthcare work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE for sales, marketing, field service, and customer service, and address several areas along the patient care and community health tracking continuum:

  • Alithya 365 PRM – Gives improved visibility into physician relationship management processes.
  • Alithya 365 Patient Outreach – Tracks patient progress throughout the entire care continuum and provides data to show trends and patterns in patient health outcomes and overall community improvements.
  • Alithya 365 Marketing Analytics – Connects inbound patient phone calls to outbound marketing campaigns to improve campaign insights, track KPIs, and measures return on investment.
  • Alithya 365 Facilities Management – Provides better insights into warranty coverages, work order histories, and claims processing and returns for hospital equipment.

Quote from Ryan Casey, Vice President, Customer Experience, Alithya Microsoft Practice:

Our Alithya 365 Power Apps for Healthcare extend the power of the Microsoft platform and give hospitals and doctors a way to use technology to stay in control of patient and community health populations. We are excited to bring this Microsoft-driven functionality to the healthcare market in a way that supports security, compliance, and interoperability data for every step of the patient journey.”

Learn how Alithya 365 Power Apps for Healthcare can transform your practice:

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