Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, Grove Helps People Find, Create, and Join Support Groups in Virtual Reality

Grove has launched early access to their Beta version, which allows users to find, create, and join support groups in virtual reality. Grove is a completely free platform that overcomes the typically barriers to accessing a support group such as transportation, cost, and anonymity. With over a year in production, Grove was well positioned to launch quickly as fears of the Coronavirus rapidly spread and social gatherings are now discouraged.

In Atlanta, like mainly other large cities, thousands of people rely on support groups every week to help them get through their struggles. Whether it’s AA, which has hundreds of weekly meetings in Atlanta or groups based around depression, anxiety, or loss of a loved one, a large portion of Atlanta residents depend on them. It is common for people to even attend these groups daily or multiple times a day to get by.

With fears of the Coronavirus spreading, these groups are now unsure of their short-term future. On sites like Reddit, fears within groups such as r/stopdrinking are obvious immediately. Members discuss how their group is no longer meeting or that the whole experience is tough for them and making them want to have a drink. “Social distancing feels like an excuse to relapse,” states one member.

“During difficult times, people often crave social interaction and support. However, that is currently the last thing people are able to receive while being self-isolated at home,” said Dom Valles, founder of Grove. “We hope that by releasing Grove, it will help people find a support group to get them through this period”.

While there are other great options for virtual meetups, such as video and text-based platforms, Grove allows you to feel more present with fellow group members. When joining a group, all members are taken to an environment where they can gather around a campfire nestled between the mountains.

If you or a loved one is currently struggling and looking for a support group or their normal support group is postponed, try using Grove to get through this period. To sign up for early access, visit

About Grove

Grove aims to help the world by solving the ongoing mental health crisis. Its first product is a virtual reality platform that allows users to find, create, and join support groups. Groups topics can range from depression to addiction to loss of a loved one and more. The company also offers its platform entirely for free. All users need is an Oculus Go or Oculus Rift headset. Grove is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. For more information, visit Follow us on LinkedIn.

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