Aptos Recognized as Leading Vendor for Tier One Retailers in 2020 RIS Software LeaderBoard

Aptos, Inc. announced today it has been named one of the highest-ranking retail software vendors — and the No. 1 vendor for Tier One Retailers — in the 2020 RIS Software LeaderBoard.

The annual report, which was released earlier this week, spotlights retail software vendors in head-to-head competition. The rankings are compiled based on evaluations by end users of the software, ultimately leading to a customer satisfaction score for each vendor. The 2020 LeaderBoard rankings are the outcome of 610 evaluations submitted by 330 retailers.

Once retailer feedback was scored and analyzed, Aptos ranked in the top 10 in over a dozen categories. Notable highlights include:

  • No. 1 Top Vendors for Tier One Retailers (Full Data Set)
  • No. 1 Large Vendors (Full Data Set)
  • No. 2 Specialty Vendor Leaders (Full Data Set)
  • No. 3 RIS Software LeaderBoard Top 20
  • No. 3 Broad Suite Vendor Leaders (Full Data Set)
  • No. 3 Top Vendors for Mid-Size Retailers (Full Data Set)
  • No. 3 Top Vendors in Retail Concentration

“While Aptos’ business has gone through tremendous growth in recent years, in both geographic scale and an expanded technology footprint, the 2020 LeaderBoard results show the company’s ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction,” said Joe Skorupa, editorial director of RIS News.

“With over 1,000 retail brands running Aptos software, it’s no small feat to inspire loyalty within a customer base that size,” Skorupa continued. “RIS News applauds Aptos for its impressive showing in the 2020 RIS Software LeaderBoard, which serves as a reminder that no matter how large a software vendor might grow, the focus must always remain on the customer.”

“I live by the belief that if you are willing to show up for your customers every day, they will show up for you,” said Noel Goggin, Aptos CEO and culture leader. “We’re grateful for our customers’ feedback and Aptos’ top rankings in the 2020 RIS Software LeaderBoard. Aptos continues to accelerate its investments in innovation, infrastructure, and resources that allow us to deliver the best technology and the best experience for our customers around the world.”

To learn why Aptos is a top-ranked retail technology vendor trusted by over 1,000 retail brands, schedule a meeting with Aptos at NRF Retail’s Big Show 2020.

About Aptos “Engaging Customers Differently”

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