Asthma Action Hero App Could Help Children Stay Safe During COVID-19

The Family Health Centers of Georgia, Inc. (FHCGA), a federally qualified health center, wants children to stay safe during COVID-19.  Spring is here and COVID-19 will not stop children from wanting to play outside and enjoy summer days ahead.

During spring and summer asthma triggers including pollen, grass, blooming flowers, mold, fungus spores, and seeds increase. Eight out of every ten children with asthma have allergies (source: Developed by the Family Health Center at KidCare pediatrician, Dr. Helena K. Bentley, the Asthma Action Hero app was recognized by Public Health Week for its innovation in connecting technology and public health. “It was created to help my patients help themselves. Thus, the motto: ‘Be Your Own Superhero,'” stated Dr. Bentley.

Bentley continues, “I noticed that after writing thousands of asthma action plans, there were numerous times when a patient would come into the office and not be aware of their symptoms or know the medications that had been prescribed. The plans were often taken to school, but there would not be a copy at home. Plans are no good if the patient is not aware of the content, or know the importance of being prepared to treat his or her symptoms.”

The Asthma Action Hero app is a mobile asthma action plan that helps patients manage asthma conditions through notifications. It features a simple easy to read interface that is suitable for children of all ages. It provides educational information to help children and caregivers understand asthma. It guides physicians and families through the set-up of a daily interactive plan, including a detailed overview of how to identify moderate to severe symptoms of an asthma attack. 

“We want to remind parents that even during ‘lockdown’, their child’s asthma action plan needs to be followed. They need to keep their child’s medication current, and keep follow up appointments as scheduled,” says Dr. Bentley. “Asthma is a chronic lung disease, which means that patients with asthma are more at risk for complications if they get a respiratory illness, like COVID-19.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, parents are encouraged to download the app to help circumvent asthma related emergencies. The app reminds users of the actions to take at varying levels of symptoms severity, including when to dial 911.

The Asthma Action Hero app is FREE and can be downloaded
from the Google Play or Apple app stores.