Atlanta Cowarehousing and Coworking Facility Saltbox Opens Its Doors to Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Saltbox, a new 27,000 square foot coworking and cowarehousing facility has officially opened for business. Atlanta’s first and only facility built specifically for small businesses and e-commerce operators celebrated the opening today with a ribbon cutting event. The event was attended by many community members including executives from Invest Atlanta, Georgia Department of Economic Development, the Metro Atlanta Chamber and more.

Saltbox is different from most coworking spaces as it combines the attraction of a traditional coworking facility with the unique perks of warehousing space, such as: storage, loading docks, photography capabilities and more.

“We’re thrilled to have officially welcomed our founding members into the Saltbox space and are looking forward to welcoming many more in the coming months,” said Tyler Scriven, co-founder and CEO of Saltbox. “We created this concept because we saw a need for it. There’s no shortage of growing small businesses and entrepreneurs in Atlanta, but there was a shortage of purpose-built space that allows a business to operate like a business, store and ship product, and also provide a community of peers and collaboration. Saltbox is the solution.”

Atlanta has a growing, diverse ecosystem, expanding by the week with new talent, new companies, more capital and greater connectivity. This city and specifically the Upper Westside has been an ideal location for Saltbox’s first facility. With the money already invested in the building and the jobs created, Saltbox will make a $5.6 million economic impact on the local economy, according to Invest Atlanta.

“We are eager to witness Atlanta’s small businesses and entrepreneurs utilize Saltbox and value the facilities’ commitment to its clients,” said District 9 Council member Dustin Hillis. “Saltbox provides a vital space for startup companies to continue to grow in the city of Atlanta while generating new ideas. The model and the amenities offered are a tremendous investment and good fit for a growing business.”

Saltbox currently has 30+ members, supporting 20+ businesses. These founding members operate businesses in diverse industries, such as beauty, household goods and technology.

“Saltbox allows us to work, store and ship from a reasonably priced space suitable for our growing business with all the amenities and benefits of large stocked warehouse,” said Jody Stansell and Bryan Scarborough, Cinch Skirt. “The educational opportunities from the staff and available seminars along with the knowledge sharing amongst the other small businesses at Saltbox is invaluable.”

The company’s first location is located in Atlanta at 1345 Seaboard Industrial Blvd. NW, Atlanta, Georgia, 30318.

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About Saltbox
Founded in 2019, Saltbox is building coworking communities for the millions of entrepreneurs that operate in the world of physical commerce and warehouse space but don’t want to surrender their expectations of modern flexibility, comfort and convenience. Saltbox provides highly functional micro-warehousing facilities complemented by traditional coworking and community spaces that members can feel proud to call home.

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