Authenticity.AI and BIS Digital Partner for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Court Reporting Automation

Authenticity.AI, a global leader in Artificial Intelligence solutions for legal and compliance industries, announced today the launch of its automated court transcription service along with BIS Digital, Inc., pioneer in the field of integrated digital recording and audio-video (AV) technology solutions.

“We are excited to leverage our artificial intelligence platform to enable the automation of reporting for court cases, depositions and other legal proceedings,” said Michael McDonald, Founder and CEO of Authenticity.AI. “We are releasing our new court reporting application, Courtside™, in conjunction with BIS Digital, so their 6,000 court customers can benefit from this breakthrough technology from day one.”

Courtside™ represents the third application developed by Authenticity.AI for the Relativity platform. Using AI and natural language processing (NLP), the application analyzes the records captured by BIS Digital’s DCR® digital court recording software and transcribes them from audio or video to court formatting approved transcript files. Authenticity.AI’s proprietary multi-engine AI platform enables fast data processing and highly accurate speech to text transcription results. This new automated transcription service brings immense cost and time savings to a historically labor-intensive process and enables a hybrid approach using Relativity for human court reporters to review, modify and approve the final transcripts.

“We are committed to delivering innovative technologies that enhance operations and facilitate access to the judicial process,” said Steve Coldren, Founder and President of BIS Digital. “Capturing an accurate record of proceedings is mission-critical for court administrators. By joining technologies, we raise the bar for IT and automation in the courtroom and address resource constraints currently facing many court systems today.”

About Authenticity.AI

Authenticity.AI provides the world’s most accurate and usable artificial intelligence platform for language translation and speech-to-text processing of audio and video formats. After processing, the Authenticity.AI transformed data can be delivered to our applications or your preferred Business Intelligence or legal tools, like Relativity. Enterprise customers with unique language and domain expertise requirements can optimize results regardless of the language spoken through data science customization of our AI engines. Learn more about Authenticity.AI at www.Authenticity.AI.

About BIS Digital

BIS Digital provides high-quality AV recording and multi-media communications technology for courts, law enforcement and government organizations. Founded in 1982, BIS Digital is the leading independent integrator and provider of advanced AV technology solutions in the judicial market. Its digital court recording software, DCR, serves as the centerpiece of its comprehensive 360-degree service that includes system design and programming, hardware procurement, installation, integration, training and technical support. To learn more, visit