Automation Takes Center Stage in Tecsys’ New Omni™ WMS for Digital Commerce

Tecsys Inc. (TSX: TCS), an industry-leading supply chain management software company, is pleased to introduce to its North American market Omni™ WMS, an agile SaaS-native warehouse management system designed to serve the evolving omnichannel market that straddles the complexities between hybrid e-commerce and traditional fulfillment modalities. From kickoff to go live, Omni™ WMS is configured for rapid implementation, speeding up the time to business value with enterprise-class WMS capabilities. Well-established as a sophisticated and bi-directionally scalable WMS solution in the automation-driven warehouses of Europe, Omni™ WMS is a proven catalyst for digital commerce execution, technology-mediated processes, and centralized visibility across multiple warehouses. Optimized for the midmarket, Omni™ WMS adds to Tecsys’ SaaS WMS portfolio which also includes the visionary Elite™ WMS solution for complex distribution and specialty markets.

Omni™ WMS enables midmarket organizations to fast-track fulfillment execution to meet customer commitments, while laying the foundation for sustained warehouse productivity in the face of labor and economic volatility. The system is designed to automate processes, improve order accuracy, reduce operating costs and attain high levels of service. Critically in today’s warehouse environment, Omni™ WMS is architected to integrate with a wide array of warehouse automation technologies. There is equally a focus on intuitive user experiences to create optimal working conditions and higher efficiencies on the warehouse floor.

“The expectations of the digital consumer are fundamentally changing how supply chains need to operate, and this is in turn changing the technologies that warehouses need to have to keep pace,” explains Guy Courtin, vice president of Industry and Advanced Technology at Tecsys. “The dynamics of omnichannel and digital commerce, and the fulfillment flexibility needed to blaze through higher volumes of smaller orders, is a phenomenon already quite prevalent in much of Europe, so by optimizing our Omni™ WMS for the North American market, we’re introducing a mature warehouse management system that has proven it can handle every wrinkle of complexity headed our way.”

Many warehouses were architected for the more traditional flow of goods where containers or pallets would be received, stored, broken down and shipped at the caseload to its next destination. This conventional and linear movement of goods provided a predictable baseline from which to drive efficiency. As various forms of supply chain disintermediation – whether direct-to-consumer, drop shipping, home delivery or other – introduce complexity at every node of the distribution cycle, the systems that underpin them are showing their limitations.

“We implemented the WMS just before Christmas shopping would start, and I remember a day when we had received a lot of orders. Normally it would have taken our warehouse workers a whole day to process that many orders, but after two hours it was all picked and packed. At that moment, I knew the system would pay off quickly,” said Lars S. Sorensen, CEO of Eventyrsport.

With the North American introduction of Omni™ WMS, Tecsys seeks to enable midmarket organizations to streamline today’s more complex warehouse operations while prioritizing the specific characteristics of world-class warehouse management practices. As the general population is further influenced by the digital fraying of distribution channels, supply chain organizations face the undeniable reality that traditional models and the legacy software that powers them, are inadequate. Omni™ WMS is Tecsys’ answer to this challenge; an agile, quick-to-deploy, digital commerce and automation-ready WMS with world-class capabilities in an out-of-the-box package.

“The WMS industry has not kept up with market needs,” continues Courtin. “The solutions are rigid, they are either not robust enough or too complicated, and they do not scale to accommodate a business’ needs for today and challenges of tomorrow. Omni™ WMS meets these challenges head on while rewriting the enterprise software playbook. This is an enterprise-grade system that assumes enterprise-level complexity with the dexterity you expect of a cloud-native solution.”

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