Bank Shot Mobile App Gives Title Companies a “Leg Up,” Announces Partnerships with Prestige Escrow and First International Title

Emerging technology leader Bank Shot, who recently received a patent for their digitized mobile app, Android and iPhone, has announced regional partnerships with Prestige Escrow (Greater Seattle area) and First International Title (Coral Springs, FL). Title companies clearly understand the necessity for safe, secure and compliant digital technology when completing real estate transactions via their smart phone, including earnest money deposits, real estate commissions and more, all with a simple click of a button. In the current climate of COVID-19, Bank Shot is particularly beneficial for the title company industry.

“Bank Shot has been an absolute game-changer to our business,” said Jen Post, Escrow Operations – LPO-EO, Prestige Escrow. “Our customers are so impressed by the ease of the app and the ability to deposit funds and receive receipts so quickly from escrow. Fast forward now to the current state of affairs and we are so thankful that we implemented Bank Shot when we did.”

“First International Title recognized the added value and convenience Bank Shot would provide to our customers with their instant escrow deposit service via a smartphone app,” says Kellie Richards, Compliance Officer, First International Title. “When we began the on-boarding process with them in late 2019, we had no idea how drastically the world would change just a few months later. Now the goal is safety; safety for our clients and safety for our employees.  Bank Shot allows for just one more area where we can remain contactless while still keeping someone’s dream of owning a home possible.”

Bank Shot Founders and Co-Developers Bernardine W. Drake and Glenn Drake have filled a specialized niche with this technology breakthrough, enabling title companies, banks and realtors to partner and utilize this app, thereby creating a competitive advantage within their respective industries. After recently receiving their patent, Bank Shot is the leader of Mobile Apps, even more needed in today’s COVID-19 environment.

“We offer the perfect remote solution tool for a title company to receive earnest money or any check, even more so to function efficiently with COVID-19,” says Glenn Drake, Bank Shot Founder. “Bank Shot is, in so many ways, superior to an ACH product and we developed that by design, enabling title companies to maintain full control of the movement and deposit of funds. In 2020 and beyond, we are “a must have” for the title world.”

For more information regarding the Bank Shot app, visit To arrange interviews/content with Prestige Escrow, First International Title and/or Bank Shot, please contact Roger Drake, Drake PR & Marketing, Inc. at [email protected] or cell 631-495-2676.