BELAY to Launch New App to Further Support Its Clients and Contractors

BELAY, a virtual staffing company that offers assistants, bookkeepers, social media strategists, and website specialist services, announced today that it will launch a new app by December 2020.

“What we’ve built is with our client primarily in mind,” said Matt Seaton, BELAY’s Director of Technology. “Our goal is to help speed up the matching and placement process, without impacting its quality for both our clients and contractors.”

Behind the scenes, BELAY has empowered its contractors by including more self-service features, aligning with its goal to move quicker to meet the needs of its clients.

“The internal systems and processes we have built and refined are moving us toward allowing new customers to view the progress of matching and being placed with a BELAY Virtual Assistant,” Matt said. “And once a customer has kicked off with their contractor, they’ll be able to use the app to quickly communicate with their contractor, as well as their BELAY support team.”

The new app will be powered by Salesforce’s Platform as a Service, or PaaS, which enables developers to use their own code in a fully managed platform, allowing BELAY to rapidly build, deploy, and scale-out custom applications.

For contractors, Phase 1 of the app was launched earlier in October, and it’s already been touted for its ease of communication.

“As the Director of Technology, I’m always excited by the prospect of identifying areas of improvement so we can continue to grow our business and keep the personal touch that has become the hallmark of BELAY service,” said Matt. “Our hope is that this app will be an extension of the service our clients have come to expect from us and will help us continue to live our mission of ‘providing solutions that equip our clients with the confidence to climb higher.'”

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