BELAY’s New App Launches to Better Serve Clients, Contractors and Public

BELAY, a virtual staffing company that offers assistants, bookkeepers, social media strategists, and website specialists, has launched a new app to better meet the unique demands of both their clients and contractors while hosting BELAY’s extensive library of resources available to the public.

“Our mission is to equip our clients with the confidence to climb higher, and this app provides them the information necessary to do just that,” said Matt Seaton, BELAY’s Director of Technology. “With its launch, we’ve streamlined and automated several of our processes, as well as the time it takes for our customers to get the support they need to grow their organizations.”

For clients, the app’s internal systems and processes boast features including onboarding, allowing new customers to view the progress of matching with – and subsequently hiring – a BELAY specialist, access to account and contractor information, and the ability to quickly communicate with their contractor as well as keep in touch with their BELAY Client Success Consultants and support team.

“We are a technology-enabled staffing solution that prioritizes innovation to provide world-class client experiences,” said Lisa Zeeveld, BELAY’s COO and CFO. “By leveraging technology, we elevate our services and the speed with which we serve our clients.

“It will further differentiate us in the marketplace as not only the thought leader but also the market leader in virtual staffing solutions.”

And later this month, the app will also empower BELAY’s existing contractors with self-service features, including applying to serve clients on its integrated job board, reviewing their contract information, connecting with their BELAY team, and granting one-click access to BELAY’s interactive contractor community.

“When we started BELAY 10 years ago, we did so through the lens of innovating staffing solutions,” said Tricia Sciortino, CEO of BELAY. “And we have remained committed to that purpose and mission all these years as we look to modernize the staffing industry.

“As we launch new BELAY-powered technology, I am excited about the future of innovation and staffing. Being at the forefront of our industry has been our guide and passion since day one.”

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