Black-Owned HR Tech Startup Connects Diverse Talent to Remote Work and Upskilling During Pandemic

Incluzion, the first online platform connecting companies to Black and Latinx talent for freelance work, is proud to announce the launch of Incluzion Learning, and the Incluzion Remote Jobs. Platforms designed to provide a way to empower Black and Latinx people with skills and opportunities that will help them work safely at home.

Incluzion Learning, a crowdsourced course platform, was developed as a method for strengthening the soft-skills of diverse professionals in the wake of COVID-19. It gives users access to online courses that they can complete at their own pace, from the safety of their homes. Subjects include marketing your skills, financial literacy, business development, and emotional intelligence, with a focus on the development of soft skills.

“Our intention isn’t to teach a developer how to be a better developer, i.e., teaching a hard skill,” said Jibril Sulaiman, CEO and Founder of Incluzion. “We’re approving the creation of courses educating professionals on how to handle anxiety and isolation, create boundaries in their new work/life balance, develop additional side hustles or how to be more financially savvy.”

The Incluzion Remote Jobs Board gives Black and Latinx professionals additional access to telework opportunities, while giving companies better access to more diverse communities of applicants. Companies that post jobs also get access to Incluzion’s Slack group, remote live stream (FlexworkTv), digital conference for remote professionals (FlexCon) and social media platforms with 15K combined followers.

“We’ve been preaching the gospel of remote work for years now,” Sulaiman said. “Now people are really taking remote work and freelancing seriously. Especially from a diverse talent standpoint.”

Incluzion’s diverse remote-focused mission has largely been funded through bootstrapping and a crowdfunding campaign that saw 150 investors collectively give over $26,000. This is an acknowledgement of, and response to, the disproportionately negative economic impact the pandemic has had on diverse workers, and the disparity in access for Black and Latinx workers to remote work opportunities.

About Incluzion
Incluzion is the first-ever online platform connecting companies to Black and Latinx talent for opportunities that cater to a flexible work/life balance. Since the spread of covid the company has expanded its services with a remote jobs board and learning platform.