Black-Owned SaaS Company CredKred Launches to Put Power of Credit Repair Back in Consumer Hands

While credit repair companies charge between hundreds and thousands of dollars, offering little-to-no results for many consumers, CredKred provides a more transparent and affordable solution. Consumers can easily generate dispute letters with support from federal statutes that protect their rights to accurate credit reporting and fighting debt collections.

CredKred, Inc. (, a software that allows consumers to generate dispute letters to credit bureaus, creditors, and collections agencies, is disrupting the $11.5 billion debt collection industry by giving consumers the tools they need to fix their credit.

Millions of American consumers struggle with their financial situations, and their credit history is a usual suspect. A negative credit score can impact an individual’s financial situation by thousands of dollars annually, but what often goes unnoticed are inaccuracies that creditors are reporting to the credit bureaus that often cause credit scores to drop.

Eliminating the Credit Repair “Middle Man”

Credit repair companies have been popping up all over the U.S. for decades, with boisterous claims to clear credit histories and increase credit scores. Although some can achieve successful removals of inaccuracies for their clients, the story of the middle and lower-class Americans left scammed out of hundreds or thousands of dollars with no results or positive impact on their financial situation is not a rare occurrence.

CredKred Tools and Resources

CredKred offers two packages, including the consumer package of $44.00 monthly. A business package is available at a discounted annual price of $420.00.

Both packages allow consumers to create unlimited letters relating to:

–  Dispute Collections with Creditors, Credit Bureaus, and Collections Agencies

–  Remove Credit Inquiries

–  Correct Payment History

–  Update Personal History

–  Remove Bankruptcy Records

“I’ve witnessed the difference between a household with excellent credit and one with bad or even less-than-perfect credit,” said Founder and CEO of CredKred, Lamar Laing. “Controlling your credit situation should not be an expensive operation. Most people don’t know the statutes that exist to protect them from credit predators, and CredKred puts everything together in one place for them to fight back and demand a fair chance.”

Diminishing Credit Inequities For Black Americans

According to a 2018 survey reviewed by the Associated Press, Black mortgage applicants were turned away by lenders at a significantly higher rate than white applicants, followed by Latinos, Asians, and Native Americans. These rejections come despite income, loan size, and other factors taken into account.

The credit inequities result in an increasing wealth gap as African-Americans, and other minority groups, find it harder to qualify or obtain credit. The current credit scoring model impacts people’s ability to purchase insurance, homes, vehicles, or handle unexpected life emergencies.

CredKred aims to close that gap and provide an easy-to-utilize model for minorities to fix their credit on their own.

About CredKred, Inc.

CredKred, Inc. is a software company that offers letter generation tools for consumer credit protection. Disputing inaccuracies and fixing your credit history can now be accomplished easily and safely by the consumer. For more information, please visit

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