Blue Vault Launches Alts Performance Metrics Engine for Wealth Advisors

Blue Vault and Centersky have collaborated to create a unique database that includes thousands of datapoints relating to hundreds of alternative investment offerings. The Blue Vault Database was created with the help of tech experts at Centersky and includes historical data going back to 2009. Gary Davi, Chief Technology Officer of Centersky, says, “We took all of the data Blue Vault had collected in spreadsheets and created a fully-integrated, relational database. We believe portals like this are key for firms in the future.”

“Blue Vault and Centersky partner to create a searchable, sortable, filterable database of alternative investments.”

Stacy Chitty, Owner of Blue Vault, commented, “This launch represents the first time a search engine of nontraded REIT performance data has ever been available. Any advisor can now search for certain REITS, filter data, or analyze overall performance. It’s an exciting time for the alts industry.”

The Blue Vault Database will be released in phases. Phase one, released on April 20th, includes open, closed, and merged nontraded REITs. Phase two will compliment phase one by adding data on liquidated REITS. These will be followed by Interval Funds, Private Offerings, Nontraded BDCs, Closed-End Funds, and “other” direct participation programs. “What the industry needed was a tool to provide more transparency and more options for comparing fund to fund. Blue Vault had that data, but we weren’t sure how to make it available in a user-friendly way,” said Luke Schmidt, Senior Financial Analyst and Project Team Lead for Blue Vault. “Centersky helped bring our idea to life.”

The Database makes the Blue Vault data searchable. Users can filter based on asset types, offering status, capital raised and distribution rate. The Advanced search feature allows users to search by sponsor, offering status, capital raise, distribution yield, MFFO Payout and more. Also included are individual product performance pages for both open and closed offerings with performance metrics and Investment Manager pages covering their firm, which links to relevant products, past webinars, podcasts, news and more.

“Having access to quality, trustworthy data that you can use to compare offerings for your clients is very exciting to us…” says Mr. Davi.

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