Brookline Bancorp Moves Prolific Banking Inc. On-Ramp Commercial Enrollment Solution into Production

Brookline Bancorp has launched the Prolific Banking On-Ramp enrollment-as-a-service into production, providing automated enrollment of cash management customers.

The turn-over to production follows an implementation project that benefited from a successful collaboration between the bank and the Prolific Banking teams with multiple workshops and weekly calls designed to optimize the value and benefits of the solution.

“To successfully complete an implementation of new technology, we were able to leverage both the industry and product knowledge of the Prolific Banking team,” said Mona Macero, Managing Director, Commercial Markets Payments Group for Brookline Bancorp. “This launch will result in improved experiences for our commercial customers during that all-important early stage in the relationship. We look forward to adding additional enrollment services as well as other modules from Prolific.”

“We are thrilled to have On-Ramp in production at Brookline Bancorp as they are an ideal partner willing to work with us every step of the way” said Scott Graf, Prolific Banking president and founder. Onboarding commercial customers at Brookline Bancorp is now a simpler and faster process that can scale with On-Ramp end-to-end process automation.”

About Brookline Bancorp

Brookline Bancorp, Inc. is a multi-bank holding company for Brookline Bank and Bank Rhode Island and their subsidiaries. Headquartered in Boston, MA, the Company has $8.6 billion in assets and branches throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. As a commercially-focused financial institution, the Company, through its banks, offers a wide range of commercial, business and retail banking services, including a full complement of cash management products, foreign exchange products, online banking services, consumer and residential loans and investment services designed to meet the financial needs of small- to mid-sized businesses and retail customers. The Company also provides equipment financing through its Eastern Funding and Macrolease Corporation subsidiaries.

About Prolific Banking, Inc.

Atlanta-based Prolific Banking was founded in 2020 by a team experienced in commercial banking and software development. The Prolific Open Digital Platform supports a customer-centric onboarding model, automated service enrollment, and advanced digital services across modern delivery channels. The Prolific Banking mission facilitates digital transformation of commercial banking, enabling competition in a modern technology environment with a level of digital engagement that improves client experience, provides efficiencies and scale, and generates new revenue. For additional information about Prolific Banking, please visit: or call us at: 470-481-1049.

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