CapStorm Launches New Product Extensions: CS:Archive & CS:Govern Powered by CS:Enable

ATLANTA, Jan. 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — CapStorm, a leading innovator in Salesforce data management solutions, proudly announces the launch of two transformative product extensions: CS:Archive and CS:Govern, both powered by the cutting-edge CS:Enable technology. These additions reinforce CapStorm’s commitment to providing comprehensive, efficient, and user-friendly solutions for Salesforce users.

CS:Archive addresses critical business requirements related to archival processes, introducing features such as Archival Storage Subsystem, Visualizer for Archive Storage, Exporter for Archive Storage, and more. The product delivers a range of functionalities, including creating archive backups, visibility and verifiability of archive backups, deletion of records in Salesforce with cascade deletes, and efficient removal of archived records.

One of CS:Archive’s key advantages lies in its ability to significantly decrease Salesforce storage costs for rarely used, old, or outdated records while maintaining accessibility as needed. The product improves Salesforce risk management by simplifying the implementation of record retention regulations, ultimately enhancing the speed of Salesforce instances for users.

CS:Govern, the second product extension, empowers organizations with enhanced governance capabilities, ensuring streamlined record retention and compliance with regulations. Both CS:Archive and CS:Govern leverage the advanced capabilities of CS:Enable, further solidifying CapStorm’s position as an industry leader in Salesforce data management.

CapStorm’s CEO, Ted Pappas, expressed excitement about the launch, stating, “With CS:Archive and CS:Govern, we’re taking Salesforce data management to the next level, providing our clients with powerful tools to optimize storage, compliance, and overall efficiency.”

CS:Govern is available immediately and CS:Archive will be available in the Spring of 2024. For more information about CapStorm and its new product extensions, read about CS:Archive or CS:Govern on our blog or contact [email protected]

About CapStorm:

CapStorm is a leading provider of Salesforce data management solutions, dedicated to helping organizations optimize their Salesforce instances for enhanced performance, compliance, and cost efficiency.