Chipotle, DailyPay, MailChimp, Mouser, project44 and VMWare Win FullStory Customer Awards for DXI Excellence at Spark 2022

Spark, The DXI Conference – FullStory, the leader in digital experience intelligence (DXI), today announced the winners of its 2022 Customer Awards at Spark 2022 at the Omni CNN Center in Atlanta. Six winners from leading B2B and consumer brands were recognized by FullStory for their innovative use of DXI to successfully drive digital growth and transformation.

“Using FullStory’s cutting-edge instrumentation and autocapture techniques to surface insights and eliminate data blind spots, these companies and individuals have led the way in improving user experiences and increasing customer satisfaction and retention,” said Scott Voigt, CEO of FullStory. “Their results prove that DXI’s benefits reach far beyond product and analytics teams to elevate entire organizations.”

The FullStory Customer Award winners for 2022:

  • VMWare won the DXI Innovation Award, given to the organization that drives innovation using DXI, converting insights into action in new and creative ways to deliver real value to their customers and organizations.
  • Chipotle earned the Mobile DXI Vision Award in recognition of its vision and long-term strategy to future-proof digital experience by expanding into native mobile applications.
  • Lars Wiedenhoefer of DailyPay won the DXI Trailblazer Award, given to the individual who has contributed most to the growth of DXI as a category – inspiring their teammates, organizations, and even competitors to improve the ways they deliver great digital experiences.
  • Mikey Wey of project44 was named Experience Maker of the Year as the individual who has showcased mastery of DXI tools and techniques to enhance digital experience for users.
  • Israel Bautista of Mouser won the FullStory Insight Award in recognition of his unrivaled command of FullStory’s DXI features and capabilities, which he’s used to serve teammates and customers with digital insights.
  • Rachel Appel of MailChimp was awarded the DXI Rookie of the Year Award as the individual who has started her DXI journey with notable focus and intent, delivering the insights and improvements you would expect from a more seasoned practitioner.

All FullStory customers were eligible to apply for award consideration, and the winners were selected based on qualitative and quantitative criteria by a cross-functional panel of judges.

“Congratulations to the winners, and we applaud all our FullStory customers for their commitment to providing superior digital experiences,” continued Voigt. “We’re especially grateful to the participants at our first-ever Spark conference, who have contributed to an unprecedented exchange of DXI knowledge, and a celebration of the potential of DXI to transform businesses and spur innovation.”

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