CINC Goes All In on Lead Engagement and Conversion with the Introduction of CINC AI

CINC (, the number one lead generation and conversion platform for elite agents and teams, today announced the release of the industry’s  most innovative communication tool: CINC AI. Built with homebuyers and sellers in mind, CINC AI dynamically responds to consumers’ actions and behaviors and immediately communicates via automated text messages, all within the CINC platform. Machine learning, powered by Structurely, combined with insights from the CINC CRM, allows CINC clients to send relevant, timely communications and continuously follow up with ever-evolving situational scripts developed through years of expertise and real-world application.

CINC AI is powered by:
Intelligent Data: CINC AI combines property alerts, CRM pipeline statuses, search data from an agent’s IDX website and all other datapoints along the home search path to intuitively know when a lead is taking implicit actions.
Adaptive Technology: CINC AI processes and understands human conversations at scale and is able to remember details about a seemingly infinite number of leads. This allows CINC AI to learn from the agent and homebuyer to always provide value.
Power Scripts: In the home search, it’s the why not the what that prompts a move. CINC AI has been trained by real estate experts to truly connect at a human level with homebuyers.

“What we’ve been able to do with CINC AI is create human empathy at scale,” says Jonathan Choi, Product Director, CINC. “So many offerings simply send static responses, or wait for a lead to interact in order to reply. With CINC AI, we can use the lead insights already found in the CINC CRM to proactively start these conversations. Plus, CINC AI has been trained with proven scripts from top producers – scaling the agent’s ability to build relationships with everyone in their database.”

CINC AI conversations are automatically triggered based on key indicators leads take on the CINC site, and the dialogue dynamically shifts, based on the content of the responses. CINC clients can jump into the automated conversation, as needed, and seamlessly continue to add value for the homebuyer. This intelligence allows the CINC client to not only communicate with the consumer immediately, but, with hyper-relevant messages, which further help build the authentic human relationship that is crucial to real estate agents across the industry.

“Our mission with CINC AI is to provide a tool that allows CINC clients to serve their leads with excellence,” says Alvaro Erize CEO, CINC. “We’re talking about a system that is going to interact with your prospects on your behalf, with the goal of building trust. This is not a chatbot that asks if you want three or four bedrooms. I already know what you are looking for by your behavior on the site. I need the technology to use your behavior and help me establish trust, understanding why you are looking for a house. That’s how relationships are built and what CINC is in the business of doing.”

About CINC
CINC is the number one lead generation and conversion platform for elite agents, teams, and brokers across North America. The solution includes a consumer-facing website, a CRM platform with personalized and behavioral follow up tools, 3 mobile apps for clients to run their business on the go, and an unrivaled community of 50k+ agents. Founded in Marietta, GA in 2011, and acquired by Fidelity National Financial in 2016, CINC continues to power the growth of real estate professionals at every level. For more about CINC, visit

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