Ciox Announces Four New ROI Customers

Ciox announces today a wave of new agreements inked between the health data technology leader and several leading healthcare providers around the country, including:

  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute – Boston, MA
  • Genotox Laboratories – Austin, TX
  • San Antonio Regional Hospital – Upland, CA
  • Summit Medical Group – New Providence, NJ

Ciox has long been a leader in release of information (ROI). The company has operated for more than 40 years, serving hundreds of health plans and millions of requestors and fulfilling more than 40 million requests each year. Today, three out of five hospitals and health systems throughout the U.S. utilize Ciox and its comprehensive network of health information specialists for medical records requests. With a dedicated compliance team and thousands of HIM specialists across its national footprint, Ciox leverages release of information specialists and automation technology to help providers, payers and others manage, protect and leverage health information, improving operations and patient outcomes.

These new clients reflect the broader market-disrupting momentum achieved by Ciox since releasing HealthSource, its flagship health technology platform. With HealthSource, which was launched in 2018, Ciox offers a cloud-based clinical data platform that utilizes artificial intelligence technologies to ensure health data is securely obtained, authenticated and delivered to requestors in a digital, interoperable and highly efficient manner.

For the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Ciox’s people, technology and favorable references were the driving factors in finalizing the agreement.

“Dana-Farber Health Information Services chose Ciox Health due to its reputation in the industry, cutting-edge technology, focus on customer service and staff development,” says John Avedian, HIM director at Dana-Farber.

Ciox’s scalability and the combination of both on-site resources and newer, digital capabilities also played a role in the other signings announced today.

“The future of medical records is ubiquitous access to records no matter the format or location. We’re building a network of technologies and services that ensure our clients can manage the release of health information securely, efficiently and digitally, for anyone, anywhere,” says Pete McCabe, chief executive officer for Ciox. “For Ciox clients, our people and our technology provide better and more accurate data, delivered faster and more accurately than ever before. It means better audits, scalability to any size and improved revenue cycles.”

Both Summit Medical Group and Genotox Laboratories selected Ciox for its capabilities to handle requests at volumes. Summit is a large medical practice – with nearly 1000 healthcare practitioners at more than 85 locations and anticipated growth in the coming years – so the practice needs partners that can grow and scale.

“Ciox handled our new account with the utmost professionalism from point of contact to our current transition period,” says Maciel Gonzalez, HIMS manager at Summit Health Management. “The service that Ciox has provided us has been exceptional and I’m looking forward to a wonderful working relationship for years to come.”

An inundation of audits from health plans led Genotox to tap Ciox for Audit Relief Services.

“Today, Ciox will handle all of our audit-related requests so our staff can get back to the business of running a cutting-edge laboratory,” Alex DiGiacomo, Director of Revenue Cycle at Genotox Laboratories. “Thanks to the ROI services and support from Ciox, we can focus on managing what we do best – providing healthcare professionals with accurate, dependable, and actionable toxicology services.”

About Ciox Health
Ciox, a health technology company, is dedicated to significantly improving U.S. health outcomes by transforming clinical data into actionable insights. Combined with an unmatched network offering ubiquitous access to health care data, Ciox’s expertise, relationships, technology and scale allow for the extraction of insights from structured and unstructured clinical data to create value for health care stakeholders. Through its HealthSource technology platform, which includes solutions for data acquisition, release of information, clinical coding, data abstraction, and analytics, Ciox helps clients securely and consistently solve the last mile challenges in clinical interoperability. Ciox improves data management and sharing by modernizing workflows and increasing the accuracy and flow of information, while providing transparency across the health care ecosystem and helping clients manage disparate medical records. Learn more about Ciox’s technology and solutions by visiting or Twitter and LinkedIn.

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