Ciox Expands Work With Ardent Health Services

Ciox, a leading health technology company, today announces an expanded relationship with Ardent Health Services. Nashville-based Ardent and its subsidiaries own and operate 30 hospitals in six states with more than 25,000 employees, including 1,150 employed providers. Ciox currently provides release-of-information (ROI) services at several facilities within Ardent. With the new agreement, Ciox services are expanding to additional Ardent facilities.

For Ardent, the decision to expand its partnership with Ciox reflects the importance of adopting streamlined processes supported by Ciox’s highly qualified staff and powerful technology. These processes serve an ever-growing stream of data requests, including those from high-volume audits, patients, providers, payors and others. The phased implementation of this new program began this summer and will expand to Ardent-affiliated hospitals and clinics nationwide by year-end. 

Ciox is augmenting on-site staff with a new computer-assisted release model called HealthSource Stream, which accelerates release-of-information processing and improves the quality and richness of data assets. For Ardent, HealthSource Stream will be used to fulfill specific request types, including Medicare Risk Adjustment (MRA) and Disability Determination Services (DDS) requests.

“Ciox’s on-site health information specialists, paired with the advanced technological approach of HealthSource Stream, are helping Ardent improve ROI and audit processes, centralize access to data across the health system and provide qualified staff to support any request,said Trevor Snow, Vice President of Health Information Management at Ardent Health Services.

For Ciox, the expanding relationship with Ardent reflects the company’s ubiquitous access to health data no matter where or in what format the records exist. While Ciox has long been a provider of on-the-ground ROI staff, the 2018 launch of Ciox HealthSource enabled the health technology company to offer its cloud-based clinical data platform as well. HealthSource utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure medical records are securely obtained, authenticated and delivered to requestors with the most efficient process possible. The addition of HealthSource Stream further enhances operational processes by giving Ardent the ability to customize the types of requests that are retrieved and processed via computer-assisted release.

“At Ciox, we understand that it takes the right balance of people, processes and technology to meet the needs of the medical community. We’re proud to support Ardent Health Services as they work toward improving the continuum of care across their organization,” said Pete McCabe, CEO of Ciox. “Our relationship with Ardent is the perfect example of next-generation collaboration. To support Ardent as the organization continues to grow, we are driving interoperability and scale by blending staff and technology with portals and systems at additional Ardent facilities.”

About Ardent Health Services

Ardent Health Services invests in people, technology, facilities and communities, focusing on evidence-based practices to improve quality care and patient outcomes. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Ardent’s subsidiaries own and operate 30 hospitals in six states with more than 25,000 employees including 1,150 employed providers. 12 Ardent-affiliated organizations – including one-third of the company’s hospitals – were recognized by Modern Healthcare as “Best Places to Work” in 2019, marking the 12th consecutive year an Ardent facility made this list. Ardent facilities also exceed national averages in Overall Hospital Quality Star Rating as ranked by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services; 80 percent of its hospitals received a three-star rating or above in comparison with 71 percent of all hospitals ranked.

About Ciox Health

Ciox Health, a leading health technology company, is dedicated to significantly improving U.S. health outcomes by transforming clinical data into actionable insights. Combined with an unmatched network offering ubiquitous access to healthcare data, Ciox’s expertise, relationships, technology and scale allow for the extraction of insights from structured and unstructured clinical data to create value for healthcare stakeholders. Through its HealthSource technology platform, which includes solutions for data acquisition, release of information, clinical coding, data abstraction, and analytics, Ciox helps clients securely and consistently solve the last mile challenges in clinical interoperability. Learn more about Ciox’s technology and solutions by visiting or Twitter and LinkedIn.