Cloud 9 Software Acquires Practice Management Platform, Focus Ortho

On November 18, 2022, Cloud 9 Software, the leading provider of cloud-based practice management systems for orthodontists, pediatric dentists, and dental/orthodontic service organizations, acquired Alabama-based practice management platform, Focus Ortho.

Similar to Cloud 9, Focus Ortho was launched to meet the emerging need for cloud-based orthodontic practice management software. This acquisition, which significantly increases Cloud 9’s customer footprint, is the second for the company this year, with ToothFairy, LP having been acquired on August 1, 2022.

Mike Ressel, CEO of Cloud 9 Software, had this to say to Focus Ortho customers: “We are thrilled to welcome Focus Ortho users into the Cloud 9 Community. A commitment to the long-term growth and success of our customers is central to Cloud 9’s mission and we look forward to helping all of our customers reach their maximum potential.”

Ressel also made it clear that existing and future Cloud 9 customers will see benefits from this acquisition. “As Cloud 9’s leadership position in the orthodontic market advances and our organization continues to gain scale, we will be even better positioned to accelerate investments in our platform and service delivery. You can expect to see more new features and service offerings that deliver increased value to our customers’ practices.”

Chief Operating Officer of Focus Ortho, Loretta Fowler, said, “We’re so excited to become part of the Cloud 9 family! We’re very confident that our customers will benefit from our two companies combining resources to provide enhanced service along with excellent support.”

Cloud 9 will continue to support the availability of the Focus Ortho platform for current customers, ensuring that their practice operations continue without disruption. Likewise, Focus Ortho team members will integrate to become part of the Cloud 9 organization, ensuring continued support for Focus Ortho users.

Lastly, Focus Ortho users are encouraged to join the Cloud 9 Community’s exclusive customer platform, Club Nine, here. Club Nine provides members with direct access to news, information, peer forums, and other resources related to their Cloud 9 practice management platform.

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