Cooleaf Announces New Integration with Workday Human Capital Management

Cooleaf, the leading employee experience platform for people-first teams, today announced the release of its new integration with Workday, a cloud-based software vendor that specializes in human capital management (HCM), enterprise resource management (ERP), and financial management applications. This new integration gives Cooleaf customers the ability to automatically synchronize human resource management data with their employee engagement platform.

“In today’s digital work landscape, it’s critical for employers to adopt effective strategies for scaling their people data,” said Sarwar Bhuiyan, Cooleaf’s Co-Founder and Product Strategy & Development Lead. “Workday’s suite of HR, finance, and payroll applications enables companies to manage and organize their workforce more efficiently. For our customers currently using both Workday and Cooleaf, this new integration helps bring their people data and engagement initiatives together in one platform. By integrating Workday with Cooleaf, companies can simplify their workforce engagement strategies while ensuring that their people data stays up-to-date.”

Implementing the Workday and Cooleaf Integration

Connecting Cooleaf and Workday is simple. Cooleaf’s engagement experts will support you in every way to ensure a seamless implementation. For current customers, the Cooleaf Support Center is a great starting point for getting Cooleaf and Workday integration up and running.

Once you’ve enabled the Cooleaf and Workday integration, employee data stored in Workday including name, job title, location, department, work anniversary, birthday, and select custom fields will be pushed into Cooleaf automatically. Whenever an employee is added, removed, or updated in Workday, Cooleaf will update as well – so there’s no need to manually make those changes.

Because employee birthdays and work anniversaries are also synced between Workday and Cooleaf, organizations can use Cooleaf’s Awards feature to automatically give team members a shout-out on their special day. And with Cooleaf’s Rewards Catalog, employers can give meaningful rewards to their people for these important milestones.

Take your organization to the next level with Cooleaf and Workday. With a seamless system for people management, it’s easier than ever to manage your workforce while ensuring that your employees have a memorable employee experience.

About Cooleaf

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Melissa Perry, Senior Marketing Manager at Cooleaf

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