Costnip Launches Cost-Sharing Platform to Tackle Trillion-Dollar Healthcare Price Transparency Issue

Consumers can now view prices others have been charged, with thousands of dollars in potentially costs-savings

Costnip, a digital healthcare technology company based in Atlanta, GA, has recently launched a new online price platform called Pricecare. This platform is designed to help consumers take control of their healthcare costs, which is especially important as over 100 million people in the U.S. are facing healthcare debt and increasing deductibles. With Pricecare, users can save money, identify billing errors, and avoid being overcharged by conveniently comparing the costs of hundreds of medical, dental, and vision procedures within their zip code. This feature provides invaluable transparency and equips users with the knowledge to make more informed decisions about their spending. By taking advantage of this information, users can potentially save a significant amount of money and make smarter choices about their finances.

Costnip’s mission is to empower consumers with the tools they need to make informed decisions about their healthcare options.

The launch of this platform reflects Costnip’s aim to give consumers a comparative shopping experience when it comes to their healthcare decisions. Additionally, the platform tackles the lack of transparency in the healthcare industry, which is prevalent as only 25% of hospitals are currently compliant with transparency regulations. Costnip’s platform also helps identify non-compliant facilities. “By providing users with information they need to make informed decisions, Costnip is helping to reduce healthcare costs for everyone,” says Brittaney Bethea, Co-Founder of Costnip.

“We believe healthcare decision-making should take costs into account when deciding where to go for care,” says Mike Aldridge, CEO of Costnip. “Our platform encourages consumers to weigh the costs of care with perceived quality, so they can make informed decisions before services are rendered. Not only are we aiming to reduce the number of people being overcharged, we’re revolutionizing how we all think about the value of healthcare.”

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About Costnip

Costnip is an Atlanta-based digital healthcare company that works to make healthcare decisions simpler. Using innovative technologies, such as PriceCare, its peer information platform. Costnip helps consumers, employers, and researchers discover value-based alternatives. Our mission is to empower consumers with the tools they need to make informed decisions about healthcare options. We strive to lower costs in the healthcare system by providing comparative information and recommendations about services so consumers can live longer, healthier lives. To learn more, visit:

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