CPGToolBox and PSignite Merge to Bring Clients a Completely Reimagined, Fully Integrated RGM Suite

Today, PSignite and CPGToolBox have announced the merger of their business operations to help Consumer Packaged Goods companies drive profitable revenue growth management.

CPGToolBox, a longtime customer of PSignite, offers decades of industry knowledge and hands-on TPM experience to help Consumer Goods companies manage their trade spend programs with efficiency. Combined with PSignite’s AI and Machine learning and engineering talent, the merger between both companies makes for a very promising future.

“The aim for the business is to offer great value to our clients with the best-of-breed technology, product solutions, and unmatched ROI. We want to provide and support our offerings globally with our staffs and partners,” explained Adam Bartkowski, Board Chairman of CPGvision.

“We are a close partner of Salesforce, the product and channel, and we jointly leverage our strengths to deliver the best value for our clients.This is an opportunity to join CPGvision with PSignite to create the best Total Revenue Management Solution in the market,” added Bartkowski.

PSignite and CPGToolBox have been partners for years, which has made for a smooth and effortless integration of both teams. CPGToolBox’s industry expertise, coupled with the engineering support from PSignite combine to form CPGvision, the best-in-class fully connected RGM solution suite built on the Salesforce platform.

The result? CPGvision’s CEO, Mike Mellin stated, “By bringing both teams together, I believe we’ll have the most successful clients in the industry. At the end of the day, that’s our main goal, to drive customer success across CPG.”

Mellin also added, “The merge gives our clients a greater opportunity to manage their overall spend with a completely reimagined, fully integrated RGM Solution Suite.

“This will give our clients a much more robust and thoughtful product roadmap and a higher level of both technical and non-technical support. As a result, by working with CPGvision, our clients will have a larger set of peers that feed into their product roadmap and product direction,” said Mellin.

Connie Whitehouse, Vice President of Strategy at CPGvision, explained “We are laser-focused on helping our clients grow revenue profitably. Officially merging gives us the underlying data science that makes our Solution Suite extremely powerful.”

CPGvision harnesses the power of the Salesforce platform to bring a fully connected and integrated RGM solution suite to the CPG industry. With the best-in-class AI modeling and machine learning, CPGvision equips you with real-life problem-solving applications for TPM, TPO, and RGM.

For more information about CPGvision, visit www.cpgvision.com.