Craneware Launches Trisus® Pricing Transparency

Craneware (AIM: CRW.L), the healthcare market leader in automated value cycle solutions, today announced the availability of its Trisus Pricing Transparency application to all U.S. healthcare providers. This solution enables forward-thinking organizations to not only meet CMS Pricing Transparency Final Rule requirements but ensures organizational pricing data is most accurately represented for patients on an ongoing basis. Providers who are interested in taking advantage of this no cost offer should visit this page.

Craneware leverages analytics to assess market dynamics and provide Trisus Pricing Transparency users with the following:

  • Most commonly shopped items (specific procedures and DRGs)
  • Top 300 shoppable services at a regional and national level
  • Comprehensive data sets showing national and regional variances in pricing
  • Proactive alerts regarding price outliers when compared to competitors

With this information in hand, providers can partner with Craneware to “re-balance” existing pricing strategies, ensure compliance and maintain a competitive market advantage.

“The impact of this Pricing Transparency Final Rule definitely extends beyond January 1, 2021. That’s why it’s so important for healthcare providers to have an agile, data-driven and sustainable pricing approach in both the near- and long-term,” said Brian Workinger, senior vice president revenue intelligence for Craneware. “With a team of proven pricing experts, a wealth of automated data analysis capabilities and a tremendous breadth of solution offerings, Craneware is uniquely qualified to help providers turn this opportunity into a competitive advantage while also engaging with consumers in a new and mutually beneficial way.”

Craneware will showcase Trisus Pricing Transparency during a webinar titled “Trisus Pricing Transparency: Going beyond the regulation” on Wednesday, October 28 and Thursday, October 29.

Craneware’s Trisus platform is leading the industry’s evolution beyond traditional, “old-school” revenue cycle management and towards value-based economics. The SaaS-based platform provides organizations with an opportunity to identify and mange new risks related to:

  • Cost, margin and outcomes analytics
  • Transparent and defensible pricing
  • Chargemaster completeness and accuracy
  • Medical necessity and prior authorization
  • Charge capture analysis
  • Audit and denials management
  • Supply chain and pharmacy margin management

About Craneware
Craneware (AIM: CRW.L), the leader in automated value cycle solutions, collaborates with all U.S. healthcare providers to plan, execute and monitor value-based economic performance so they can continue to drive better outcomes for the communities they serve. Craneware’s Trisus platform combines revenue integrity, cost management and decision enablement into a single SaaS-based platform. Our flagship solution, Chargemaster Toolkit®, has earned the KLAS No.1 ranking in Revenue Cycle – Chargemaster Management for 12 of the past 14 years and is part of our value cycle management suite, which includes charge capture, strategic pricing, claims analytics, patient engagement, revenue recovery and retention, and cost and margin intelligence solutions. Learn more at