CyberData Pros Unveils Exciting New Service Offerings

CyberData Pros specializes in cybersecurity and data privacy compliance and consulting for companies worldwide, giving us the opportunity to provide solution-oriented awareness and implementation routes to assist with and remediate security risks for clients.

With all the feedback we have received, we are happy to announce that we are launching new services starting in October 2023! These new services include Cloud Infrastructure Auditing, Learning Management System, and Dark Web Monitoring.

“We believe that these new services will not just meet the expectations of our clients, they will exceed them.”

Cloud Infrastructure Auditing

Our Cloud Infrastructure Audit focuses on 3 critical areas of cloud environments:

Security: Cloud Infrastructure Auditing can help you better understand your attack surface, uncover long-forgotten configuration errors and risky default settings, and help regain control over your IAM/AD environment.

Cloud Sprawl Analysis: Cloud Infrastructure Auditing can help identify outdated, inefficient, and underutilized resources to reduce your cloud environment’s complexity, increase efficiency, and even potentially lower costs.

Cloud Risk Report: This report provides invaluable feedback on your infrastructure, designed to help your environment work more effectively and safely in ways that make sense for your business.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Our LMS platform offers on-demand and interactive training courses including Annual Security Awareness, Annual Privacy, and HIPAA Compliance. Additionally, new courses can be created and customized for your business. Our platform supports narrated presentations, interactive quizzes, various tracking and reporting tools, and a Q&A platform monitored by our team of analysts.

Dark Web Monitoring

Dark web monitoring is the process of searching, monitoring, and tracking dark web activity for an organization’s data that may have been leaked or stolen. Criminals can use this information to cause disastrous financial and reputational damage to a business. Dark web monitoring takes an active approach by using artificial intelligence and automated scanning to continuously scour dark web markets, pages, forums, etc. for targeted information. Customized alerts are configured to notify relevant parties when information is found so that appropriate action can be taken to limit the potential damage.

“We believe that these new services will not just meet the expectations of our clients, they will exceed them,” said Chris Arrendale, CEO of CyberData Pros. “The cybersecurity world is continuously growing, and so are we. We are committed to providing our clients with the most solutions to keep their organization safe and secure.”

These new offerings will be available starting October 2023. To learn more, please visit: