Cybriant Launches CybriantXDR, a Comprehensive Threat Detection and Remediation Service

Cybriant, a leader in managed cybersecurity services, recently announced the launch of CybriantXDR, an extended threat detection and remediation service.

CybriantXDR is a comprehensive cyber security solution that provides expansive visibility across an organization’s endpoints, network, and cloud workloads. By providing a more complete picture of the environment, this service enables enhanced detection and more efficient remediation of cyber threats as compared to traditional methods.

By utilizing CybriantXDR tools, which include machine learning algorithms and behavioral analytics, Cybriant security analysts continuously monitor the telemetry from an organization’s entire threat landscape. This in-depth level of intelligence provides a more precise level of detection across a broader range of potential threats.

Compliance is another benefit of CybriantXDR. By integrating SIEM capabilities with next generation EDR and vulnerability management technologies organizations can achieve compliance with most standard regulations and common security frameworks.

“We built CybriantXDR for midsize organizations that are struggling to keep up with daily cyber threats, compliance, and the cybersecurity skills shortage,” said Jeff Uhlich, CEO of Cybriant. “By implementing this single service, your organization is deeply protected with enterprise-grade technologies and a 24/7 team of experienced security professionals.”

The goal of CybriantXDR is to efficiently construct consolidated threat analysis so our security team can execute more responsive and effective detection and remediation of malicious actions.

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