Development Firm Band of Coders Offering Service Credit to Businesses Amid COVID-19

Band of Coders, a Dunwoody-based software development firm, is offering a $3,000 discount to businesses as they navigate the coronavirus outbreak.

With locations in the U.S. and Canada, Band of Coders provides its clients with flexible month-to-month terms and a team of software developers to meet their technical demands and business goals.

Read below for a full statement from Band of Coders:

Business is changing, and building the right technology is paramount.

If your company has been forced to dump old strategies and pivot due to the COVID-19 crisis, we’re offering a minimum of $3,000 in service credit to provide relief. As you reimagine what’s next for your business, we can build the right tech to get you there.

Work (remotely for now) with someone who can understand your business goals and build the software you need to achieve them. Band of Coders can:

  1. Help you figure out what to do first in the wake of current changes
  2. Build a product roadmap to get your MVP started now
  3. Assemble a custom team of developers and designers to suit your project
  4. Govern development end-to-end, iterate, and scale teams up and down to match your goals & budget

We’re not a network of freelance developers, we’re a team of software architects based in the U.S. with 20+ years of practice in business analysis & software development. We’re technical partners who work on a month-to-month basis with your long-term vision in mind. We have access to a pipeline of talent to build flexible, customizable dev teams so you can continue to pivot (and we will pivot with you) as the world transforms by the hour.

Schedule a call or shoot us an email if you’re ready to get started or want to learn more about our service credit offer.

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P.S. If your dev teams are healthy and on track, nicely done! Please feel free to forward this offer to anyone who may be interested to apply.