DNA Behavior Readies Open Platform to Take ‘Behavior Tech Stack’ to Broader Market via API

DNA Behavior International announces it is launching the next generation behavior tech stack platform – the Helix Gateway Behavioral Network – to facilitate API integration.

Organizations use DNA’s API – a sort of behavioral chip – to enable mass personalization, distilling human behavior into actionable understanding by building apps. A key facet of the collaborative platform is enabling a wide range of third-party product providers to build an expansive network of users who are inter-connected through real-time sharing of DNA behavioral insights.

“As we developed our core SAAS business, customers requested a scalable API to integrate DNA insights into their business systems,” says Hugh Massie, Chairman & CEO of DNA Behavior. “This API originally started as a feature for our core customers but has quickly grown into its own business. Now, tech firms of all sizes are leveraging the DNA API to quickly scale their own businesses, rather than build their own behavioral solutions.”

These tech firms, Massie notes, require a different skill set, plus a network of experts and a community to support them. Thus, the Helix Gateway is a place tech firms can access a network of DNA users, the DNA Coach Network, other tech firms and angel investors and venture capitalists. In keeping, DNA Behavior has segmented this Helix Gateway offering so users have a dedicated team to build and develop this network.

“The goal of the gateway is to connect third-party product providers with all of the resources needed to build, develop and scale behavior-enabled businesses,” Massie says. DNA Behavior’s roll-out plan is to license distributors who will facilitate and speed the work of organizations “plugging in” DNA’s “behavioral chip” to existing software and systems and new apps.

Massie also notes that an organization which has already built a scalable, stand-alone app using DNA API data might be part of the Helix Gateway as a way to facilitate connections with business partners. In another scenario, he says a company looking to build a behavioral science division or expertise inside their business without reinventing the wheel could become part of the Helix Gateway to connect with peers, partners and other resources who can facilitate implementation.

“This centralized gateway hinges on the concept that powerful tech solutions cannot be so proprietary that they remain secret or inaccessible,” Massie says. “Identifying the best distributors in global markets will enable organizations of all kinds to access 500+ unique behavioral insights via powerful tech to create customized experiences.”

In most cases, Massie says, if a company built its own behavior tech stack it would take a massive financial investment over 3-5 years to get something they can integrate via an API, whereas the same thing can be operational in 90 days within this collaborative network. “We have almost 20 years of R&D, including third-party validation, and that’s just not something that can be short cut or short circuited,” he says.

“A silver lining of the COVID pandemic is accelerated adaptation of digital solutions to remotely deliver customized employee and client experiences,” Massie says. “So, the time is ripe for the Helix Gateway, which makes economic and go-to-market sense.”

Speed to market means a quick integration like this could, for example, help a bank better connect with and communicate with customers and potential customers across all of their channels, platforms and apps doing so without replacing existing platforms or products.

To learn more about the Helix Gateway, contact Leon Morales, DNA’s Managing Partner: 866-791-8992, ext. 703, or [email protected].

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