Duplicate Applicant Risk Indicator from Equifax Offers Expanded Insights to State Agencies Making Social Service Benefit Determinations

Equifax (NYSE: EFX) continues to develop real-time data and insight tools to help government agencies more efficiently and confidently process the rising number of social service benefit applications.  Designed to give benefit administrators an additional indicator of potential dual enrollment, the addition of the exclusive Duplicate Applicant Risk Indicator module can quickly help flag individuals that may be applying for benefits across state or county lines, helping to determine eligibility and manage risk such as the potential of dual benefit participation.

The Duplicate Applicant Risk Indicator is delivered through Instant Client Insights™ for Eligibility (ICI), a scalable and configurable technology platform delivering relevant, real-time data driven products and solutions to support faster and more accurate social service benefit decisions. The module also may be activated within the UI Eligibility suite of services released earlier this year and designed to provide more visibility into Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim eligibility.  The Duplicate Applicant Risk Indicator is powered by the The Work Number database, the industry-leading, centralized commercial repository of income and employment information in the U.S.

“System integration of data and tools at the point of application can facilitate both validation of applicant provided information, but also catch anomalies,” commented Mike Bromley, SVP of Government Services at Equifax. “With more than 111 million active records, the unmatched depth of The Work Number means Duplicate Applicant Risk Indicator can quickly flag applicants that may have applied for benefits in another state or county helping caseworkers mitigate blind spots in application processing.”

The products and data sets offered through the Equifax Government Services division are designed to help provide more visibility into applicant eligibility, streamline the benefit decision process. With additional fraud and instant verification solutions in place, benefit decisions for those who qualify can be made more quickly and efficiently.


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