ETI – Broadband Innovation and Support of Service Providers Accelerates in 2020

ETI Software, a global leader in telecommunications service management solutions, is starting the new year with tremendous growth and momentum.  Led by its partnership with Microsoft and membership in TM Forum, ETI expanded its solution portfolio, gaining new business while growing its partnership ecosystem.

“ETI has completed another year of double-digit growth, with new solutions, customers and partners.  With the credo that broadband is no longer a luxury but an essential service, ETI continues to provide intelligent service management that enables service providers to reduce costs, improve customer experience and quickly roll out new services,” said Jeff Fraleigh, President, ETI Software.

Microsoft D365 for Telecommunications: Enterprise Capability for All Broadband Providers

ETI created Dynamics 365 for Telecommunications, an intelligent service management platform, by combining Microsoft Dynamic’s scalability, security, and reliability with TM Forum standards and ETI’s expertise in device, subscriber and network management.  “When deep industry expertise is applied to our platform, it results in a game changing solution for that industry.  ETI has accomplished this for telecommunication and broadband service clients,” said Steven Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft.

Microsoft D365 for Telecommunications: Standards-Based, Secure and in the Cloud

With Dynamics 365 for Telecommunications, ETI has fully embraced TM Forum’s Open APIs, enabling ETI customers to be compliant to these industry standards.  “TM Forum members such as ETI Software are committing to transform IT and operations to be fit for the 2020s,” said George Glass, CTO, TM Forum. “The momentum building to collaboratively deliver the Open Digital Architecture will create the new software model our industry needs, enabling investment in innovation instead of sinking resources into maintenance and integration of customized legacy solutions that are blocking agility.”

“Over the years, our philosophy has never changed: to put our customers’ subscribers at the center of our universe.  We remain focused on providing telecommunication service providers with the tools they need to offer superior customer support to their subscribers,” said Jeff Fraleigh.

About Microsoft D365 for Telecommunications

ETI’s Dynamics 365 for Telecommunications is available on Microsoft AppSource here.

Go here to learn more about ETI’s membership in TM Forum and commitment to Open APIs.

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