Evolon Announces Latest Innovations and Partnerships at GSX 2022

Evolon Technology, Inc., a developer of proprietary software technology that takes surveillance video and turns it into real-time actionable information, today announced the commercial availability of several new product releases, feature enhancements, and new partnerships at the GSX 2022 Expo which convenes today at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • New Product Releases – New releases announced at GSX include Evolon Edge 4.5 and Evolon Enterprise 2.5, both debuting radically new user experiences that simplify video analytic installation and usability. Video analytic setup times are dramatically reduced using the streamlined interface. New feature enhancements also introduced today include Autolight and Day/Night Parameters for Evolon Edge, which dramatically enhance object detection in extreme low-light conditions. Custom integrations with the Immix® CMS management platforms were also introduced for Evolon Enterprise.
  • Milestone® XProtect Integration – Evolon today announced general availability of its integration with Milestone XProtect. The solution delivers real-time object detection alerts by leveraging Evolon’s metadata stream and XProtect’s event management features. The integration enables fast and efficient forensic video searches to find events and objects of interest in recorded video. Evolon’s patented object detection dramatically reduces the number of false alerts that are generated by video motion detection. Both Evolon Edge 4.5 and Evolon Enterprise 2.5 support the Milestone integration.
  • Hanwha Techwin Partnership – Evolon today announced a technical partnership with Hanwha Techwin. Evolon will demonstrate its award-winning Edge perimeter detection running on Hanwha’s Wisenet Open Platform for cameras. The Evolon solution adds analytics to Hanwha’s X-series and P-series cameras as an application running directly on the cameras, requiring no additional hardware. As part of the partnership, Evolon Edge and Evolon Enterprise will be integrated with the Hanwha Wisenet Wave VMS to deliver real-time detection alerts and searchable metadata.

“As you can see, we’ve been busy,” said Kevin Stadler, Evolon President and CEO. “In addition to providing more value to our customers in the form of new product enhancements, the work we announced today allows lower cost deployments with better situational intelligence. We see the work announced today as an important leap in the video analytic arena that marries the best technology with our award-winning analytic science. It’s all part of our commitment to being the leader in the security video analytics space delivering improved value and situational intelligence.”

Evolon Edge 4.5 and Evolon Enterprise 2.5 are available today. For information on pricing and availability, contact an Evolon representative at: [email protected].

About Evolon Technology, Inc.

Evolon provides advanced, highly accurate perimeter surveillance software technology for critical infrastructure protection and central station monitoring, and its patented software & analytics transform video security cameras and security systems into smart devices by eliminating nuisance alerts. Evolon’s award-winning edge-based video analytics and AI/deep learning solutions are fully scalable for commercial and government organizations that require real-time situational intelligence to enhance security effectiveness and to reduce the potential for loss due to criminal activity or business downtime. Evolon was founded by a talented team of former engineers and scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Los Alamos National Laboratory, with decades of national security experience in the design and deployment of advanced surveillance technologies. For more information, visit www.evolontech.com.

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