Exponea Provides a Crisis-Communications Tool Free to Organizations Through End of April

Website Slide-ins and Banners enable streamlined communication between brands and their customers, especially during times of crisis

Today Exponea announced they will be making their Weblayers Starter product available at no cost through the end of April this year to companies needing expedited communication with customers via their website.

Weblayers, sometimes called banners, are notifications that are shown on designated pages to a specified audience. The messages are executed using HTML/CSS/Javascript, unlike typical pop-up banners that are often stopped by ad blockers.

“COVID-19 has dramatically changed the immediacy with which organizations around the world need to communicate,” said Amanda Elam, Chief Marketing Officer. “Consumers are visiting websites looking for quick access to resources and basic information. By making Exponea’s Weblayers Starter product available, customers can remain engaged with the brand and their messaging. Exponea is a global leader in digitally-enabled communications and we are focusing our resources toward helping our customers, partners and community throughout the COVID-19 crisis.”

Exponea will be providing free access through the end of April to its Weblayers Starter product for all customers and brands looking for expedited and easy communication with their customers on the web. The company will also provide a Use Case packet upon request. The packet includes templates for various banners and recommendations on how to utilize multiple channels in coordination with weblayers. Exponea will also host a webinar on Wednesday, March 25th at 11am EDT / 3pm UTC to share examples of how to use the tool. Webinar participants are encouraged to share their examples and challenges. To register for this webinar, click here.