FirstString – The Recruitment App Helping Job Seekers During COVID-19

In an effort to overcome the new challenges to the corporate and hospital hiring process due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore’s leading app company, HokuApps, has developed and deployed an innovative app for Georgia-based recruitment firm, Career Crafters, LLC. Since its launch, the app, FirstString, has proven to be an essential tool for Career Crafters – and an opportunity to maintain a human connection in a rapidly-distancing world. Career Crafters’ FirstString mobile employment app connects selected high-performing Pharmaceutical and Biotech commercial individuals to top-tier Health Science companies. It also provides a critical need during the pandemic of connecting hospitals to residents and other healthcare professionals who are looking for their first job to help an already overburdened healthcare system. The app is designed to take away bias and adds transparency to the job search process by allowing individuals the opportunity to provide a video resume and tell their own story of success and accomplishment.

FirstString was engineered to serve as a complementary tool for corporate HR and Talent Acquisition teams. It provides confidential portal access to two types of candidates: those that have been professionally sourced and screened, and those that have appropriate experience and documentable performance. FirstString provides this premium service at a fraction of the cost of a traditional recruiter with an absolute guarantee for every placement.

One of the key aspects of FirstString for job seekers is the fact that it’s one of the only career connection platforms which is completely confidential – employers can only see a profile if they receive permission from the job seeker. So, this enables job seekers to search for a new job while employed in complete security. Interviews with potential employers can be easily scheduled through the app and job offers are sent directly in real-time. Additionally, it offers valuable resources to job seekers such as professional interview coaching, the option to upload video recommendations from previous customers and employers, and in-app resume assistance to help stand out from the crowd. FirstString is also the first platform to offer secure storage of your professional portfolio, including your Bragg Book, licensing, and video references to be easily accessed by future employers.

For recruiters, it provides a confidential portal with features such as the ability to securely import candidates, post-screening notes of vetted candidates for employers, and easy tracking of candidate interviews with instant alerts when they are scheduled along with progress reports at every step of the hiring process. All of these assets are provided without a contract with the employer.

“HokuApps has been great to work with”, said Barry Jones, Founder of FirstString. “All of our goals and functionalities were combined into an efficient and also great-looking app. Along the way, they suggested some features that we hadn’t thought about ourselves. We highly recommend them for anyone’s mobile development needs.”

“FirstString makes job searching much simpler and also discreet for the high-level life science professionals”, said Nand Kapoor, Director of HokuApps, LLC. “But it is much more than just a job search board. FirstString approached us with the plan to create a comprehensive career advancement tool with features such as resume assistance, interview coaching, and even career path validation services.”

About HokuApps

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