Fleet Hoster Disrupting MVNO Marketplace with Newly-Released M2M Data Plans

Fleet Hoster (FH), a leading telematics hardware and software provider, announced today it is disrupting the M2M data and MVNO North America markets in a major way by offering the most competitive pricing available.

“The pricing and plans offered by Fleet Hoster represents vertical revenue opportunities and the ability to offer the most competitive never before seen public rates to the telematics, M2M and IoT market,” said FH CEO Michael Head. “This will allow us to offer our customers extremely aggressive data plans and become a major data disruptor.”

The global MVNO market has accounted for over $60 billion and is expected to surpass $123 billion by 2027. This highly competitive channel is projected to continue growing at a rate of nearly 9%.

“There is a great need for cheaper service rates in the telematics, M2M and IoT markets,” said Kyle Setzer, COO of Fleet Hoster. “We wanted to disrupt the market space in a major way and shock the industry that has needed this offering for a long time. Combined with our leadership position in the telematics space this leverages our ability to provide unbelievable rates to our customers with NO CONTRACTS and NO MINIMUMS.”

FH is one of the largest distributors of dash cameras, asset trackers, and telematics accessories. Data is a key part of our every expanding telematics portfolio, enabling same day activation and shipping.

“Fleet Hoster’s newly released M2M data plans is data disruption at its finest, producing the cheapest pricing of any MVNO in the marketplace,” said Eddie Gonzalez, CSO at FH. “Historically, this market space has included high priced data plans with contracts and minimum data requirements, and now, with the addition of our data services, our portfolio includes the most competitive pricing on the market with plans starting at $0.55. These additions enhance our portfolio and further strengthens our support of the telematics, M2M, and IoT industry, allowing us to be an even broader service provider for our customers’.”

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About Fleet Hoster

Fleet Hoster, a hardware and software telematics company, is a leading distributor and marketer of premium-quality asset tracking, dash cameras, and telematics products. In business since 2013, the Atlanta-based company has built a reputation as a reliable supplier for all telematics solutions. Fleet Hoster continues to provide innovative solutions, while rapidly capturing market share. Additional information can be found at www.fleethoster.com