FortifyData Announces Next-Generation Cyber Scoring for Most Accurate Assessment of Cyber Risk

FortifyData, a global cybersecurity risk management platform provider, announced the release of its next-generation FortifyScore. Built with FortifyData’s deep expertise, the data-driven FortifyScore gives businesses unparalleled configurability, predictive and descriptive power to make more informed cybersecurity risk management decisions.

Similar to the previous score, the next-generation FortifyScore ranges on a numbered scale from 300 to 900 points, with a higher score indicating a stronger cybersecurity posture for the assessed company. This type of rating system might look familiar, but what sets FortifyData’s next-generation score apart from other cybersecurity models in the industry are:

  • Pioneering of advanced machine learning/AI techniques in the score development process to further enhance predictive power
  • Incorporation of new data sources that give a more holistic view of the security risk the business is exposed to
  • Signature configurability of the FortifyData cyber risk score to fit specific risk assessment needs
  • Introduction of automated reason codes to better understand the score variations over time

The company’s data science/analytics team strictly adheres to the best practices and general guidelines put in place to validate the quality and usefulness of the next-generation FortifyScore. The score development methodology aligns with “Principles for Fair and Accurate Security Ratings” set by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the qualitative risk assessment methodology adheres to the NIST Risk Management Framework: SP 800-37.

“We are confident the next generation of FortifyData’s score provides a more robust and precise representation of an organization’s cybersecurity risk exposure,” said FortifyData founder and CTO Victor Gamra.

The disparity between the legacy score and second-generation score is due to a combination of the new approach explained above and the following factors:

  • Recalibration of the weights of the risk factors based on new risk trends
  • Redefining of risk factors as well as new data sources incorporated in the model
  • Odds re-alignment to ensure consistency in the appreciation of the score tiers going forward

FortifyData plans to monitor the new score while simultaneously phasing out the legacy score over the next 90 days but the timeline could be adjusted based upon client feedback. To learn more about this exciting new cyber risk management technology, join us Friday, March 27, to see a live demonstration. To register, go to

About FortifyData

Founded in 2015, FortifyData is committed to guarding companies of all sizes from the threats of cybercrime. Founded by cybersecurity experts who have lived on the front lines of cyberattacks, FortifyData looks at the threats from cybersecurity multidimensionally. This means evaluating every aspect of a company’s cyber posture, including third parties, technology, processes and personnel – and doing it continuously. More information at

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