FortyFour awarded Magento Specialized Partner Recognition by Adobe

FortyFour is excited to announce that it has been awarded Magento Commerce Specialized status within the Adobe Solution Partner Program.

“We’re honored to have achieved the Magento Commerce specialization from Adobe,” says Julie Grumman, Director of Technology. “The FortyFour team has been implementing and extending Magento to drive value for clients around the world, and we always look forward to taking on new challenges.”

FortyFour’s team has over 20 Adobe commerce certifications, giving the Atlanta-based digital agency one of the highest concentrations of certified commerce talent within the Adobe ecosystem. Of the more than 1,000 Adobe Partners, fewer than 3 percent have achieved the Magento Specialized recognition from Adobe.

FortyFour’s success owes partly to its decision to structure its e-commerce specialty with both a dedicated commerce team and a technology team, explains Raghu Kakarala, one of FortyFour’s three founding partners. “We provide equal weight to both, because commerce requires not just a platform expertise but also a strong understanding of business and what our clients need to drive sales and profit while enhancing customer affinity.”

“We call our end-to-end e-commerce services ‘Complete Commerce,'” explains Jarod Jones, Director of e-commerce. FortyFour works with clients throughout the entire lifecycle, from initial strategy to discovery, to the technology build and on to marketing, ultimately driving revenue and profit.

“One of our mantras is how we bring clients and their consumers along the full journey ‘from Desire through Delight,'” Jones says. Every element of the e-commerce customer journey is considered: marketing, merchandising, user experience, shipping, fulfillment, packaging and presentation are all shaped by the decisions made in consultation with FortyFour to create a holistic commerce experience.

A diverse team with a global perspective

FortyFour works with e-commerce clients around the world, from North America and Latin America to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Cultural awareness, consumer knowledge, and technical expertise come together to create industry-leading solutions across these varied markets.

“We find, enable, nurture, and grow the best talent in the industry,” Kakarala says. FortyFour’s diverse team of programmers, architects, developers, strategists, and e-commerce experts hail from several countries and have disparate but complementary backgrounds. “We understand and appreciate different cultures and the needs and expectations of the customer,” Kakarala explains. “This combination of expertise and empathy is what allows us to deliver powerful solutions around the world that connect with consumers.”

As companies continue to ramp up their e-commerce offerings, FortyFour is busy helping both long-term and new clients, global consumer brands and B2B companies. Though the team has expertise in a wide variety of e-commerce platforms and Amazon 1P and 3P channels, it finds that Magento offers flexibility, powerful functionality, and an ability to scale and integrate. Companies that create e-commerce ecosystems with Magento will find that it continues to serve their needs years down the line as they continue to grow revenue and profit.

Founded in 2014, with offices in Atlanta and Mexico City, FortyFour is a full-service digital agency that helps global companies reimagine their digital presence to elevate their brand while growing their business. Visit to find out how we can help your company create an e-commerce experience that drives revenue for your brand.

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