Full Disclosure: PruittHealth Releases COVID-19 Data to Help Families Cope

Consumers increasingly have turned to publicly reported data to aid decision making for their healthcare needs, and now, thanks to new information made available by PruittHealth, they have access to data that also may provide comfort in the ongoing battle against COVID-19.

“We know how stressful this time is for our patients and their loved ones,” Neil L. Pruitt Jr., chairman and CEO of PruittHealth, said. “That’s why we decided to publish location-specific COVID-19 data on our website to help families stay informed and connected.”

Upholding a continued commitment to transparency, the data published on PruittHealth’s Emergency Preparedness webpage is updated daily and reflects the number of its patients tested for COVID-19 as of the prior day. The published numbers are pending validation by the appropriate public health officials but offer families a much closer look at each location’s status. This data, in combination with other sources, is being used to improve public health decisions, as the organization continues to work alongside public health officials.

“As more patients are tested, we anticipate seeing an initial increase in presumptive positive tests, similar to what we see across the nation as additional testing centers open to the public,” Pruitt said. “These presumptive positive results do not necessarily mean patients are experiencing symptoms, but we felt strongly that this is exactly the kind of information families and our communities would want to know.”

“Everything we do is centered on improving our patients’ quality of life and providing comfort to the family members who cannot be with them at this time,” Pruitt continued.

At the start of the public health crisis, PruittHealth was quick to launch its Emergency Operations Center, giving families access to clinicians 24/7. The team fields more than 400 calls each day, the majority of which are to schedule video chats with loved ones. To date, more than 5,000 video chats have been scheduled between patients at PruittHealth and their families.

Patients, family members, or employees with questions should contact 855-742-5983. For updates and more information on PruittHealth’s disease protocols, visit PruittHealth.com.

About PruittHealth
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