Fūsus Partners with Ensurity Mobile to Provide Critical GPS Data to Law Enforcement

Ensurity Mobile, a leader in enterprise-grade security specializing in GPS solutions has partnered with Fūsus, the country’s top platform for Real Time Crime Centers. Fūsus is known in the Law Enforcement and Public Safety sphere for their leading-edge Real-Time Crime Center in the Cloud (RTC3) platform, in use by over 120+ agencies nationwide.

Ensurity makes covert GPS tracking devices that can be concealed in a variety of different products for retailers such as phones, designer bags, beauty products, pharmaceuticals, batteries, and trackers for law enforcement use. Assets attached to these devices are then monitored for theft. Ensurity’s monitoring center is then able to dispatch the police, recover the product and apprehend the suspects involved. This integration with Ensurity and Fūsus will enable law enforcement to respond to these Ensurity alerts in a simplified manner, connected to other police tools, all on a single pane of glass.

Fūsus’ open platform RTC3 design makes it possible for law enforcement to utilize all of their tools interoperably and take Ensurity’s tracking data and move it into its own platform. This enables the 911 operators to see the Ensurity events in real-time in conjunction with other police tools within the Fūsus platform. That advantage in the field gives agency users access to geolocation, the ability to track calls for service, and better coordination of resources along with Fūsus live-mapping and video capabilities. Departments can then integrate smart cameras with artificial intelligence, a mass notification system, automated license plate readers, a multi-media community safety tips text messaging system, and a host of other utilities in collaboration with each other.

“It’s going to help us communicate to the 911 operators in a more effective manner,” said Ryan Harris, CEO of Ensurity. “It’s a new thing that’s going to start showing up on maps for operators to see. Outside of cameras, these GPS devices are connected with different retailers that are trying to combat organized retail crime. It’s another powerful integration in Fūsus’ open platform for law enforcement that gives them an even higher rate of success.”

“We want to make things simpler for the police to engage and improve response times for the retailers,” said Chris Lindenau, CEO of Fūsus. “We are in the business of taking vital information out of separate silos and consolidating them in one place that helps improve operational performance. Having Fūsus technology work in conjunction with Ensurity is going to enable retailers to have more information available to the police faster in order to protect their assets.”

The Fūsus RTC3, in conjunction with Ensurity, will work interoperably with personnel and various emergency operations centers and place them under a unified umbrella that aggregates video, data, and GPS information from any source. This information will directly integrate with 911-Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems.

About Fūsus

Fūsus is the most widely used and trusted Real-Time Crime Center platform in U.S. Law Enforcement. The Fūsus Platform is an open ecosystem that integrates and enhances all public safety and investigations assets. It can integrate with any data source, pull in public & private video feeds, enable video sources with artificial intelligence, integrate ALPR, bodycam, drone & aircraft feeds, and do it all by utilizing & unifying existing equipment. The Fūsus platform is affordable and scalable for agencies of every size and budget. It enables law enforcement and public safety personnel to function more efficiently and with improved operational intelligence, creating a common operating picture that emphasizes officer, citizen, and community safety. For more information about Fūsus, or to schedule a demo, please contact us.

About Ensurity Mobile

Ensurity Mobile is a leading force in covert GPS tracking solutions for both businesses and law-enforcement. Ensurity prides Itself on providing customers a reliable, cost-effective solution against theft and criminal activity. Our state-of-the-art tracking devices are offered in customizable options and sizes; and can be discreetly hidden to thwart detection. The Ensurity software platform allows for simple device management and collaboration with law enforcement. Ensurity mobile is committed to quality; and its mission to protect the assets and safety of others. For more information about Ensurity, or to schedule a demo, please contact [email protected].

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