HiddenLevers Formalizes Zero Tolerance Policy on Client Data Sales, Introduces Open-Source Language for Adoption by Other Fintech

HiddenLevers, a developer of business intelligence and client experience applications for wealth management professionals, today formalized their long-standing internal policy of not permitting sales of any advisor or client data. This sets a new standard for fintech companies serving wealth management.

“To date, we’ve never sold client data, and as HiddenLevers becomes the go-to shop for wealth management BI, it is clear that we will have loads more end-client data, and face all manner of solicitors. The time is ripe to be explicit on telling them to get lost,” said Raj Udeshi, a HiddenLevers Founder. “In light of the Facebook and Amazon regulatory smackdown, fintech that serves RIAs should comport with their fiduciary sensibilities, to avoid a similar fate.”

With millions of end-client data points among the $450 billion in assets on its platform, HiddenLevers is reassuring advisors about data privacy as the amount of collected data grows rapidly. Executive teams are beginning to see HiddenLevers Risk Monitor as a superior product for wealth management business intelligence compared to their own legacy tech or generalist BI platforms.

“On the sales side, we get asked more and more about data privacy and we’re glad this issue is in the limelight,” said Jeff Baker, a member of the HiddenLevers Busines Development team. “HiddenLevers has always guarded advisor and client data, and now we want to let the whole industry know how strongly we feel about this.”

All HiddenLevers enterprise agreements, as well as its website terms and conditions for individual users, will be amended with the following language to reflect the self-imposed restriction:

Zero Tolerance on Client Data Sales
HiddenLevers commits to never selling a customer’s client data. HiddenLevers acknowledges that data privacy is a paramount issue for fintech providers and hereby foregoes revenue streams aimed at sales of any customer’s client data, whether it is data of the advisors, or end clients of the advisors, including aggregated data and holdings. HiddenLevers acknowledges its responsibility as a fintech provider to act in a way that supports the best interest of clients of registered investment advisors, among other fiduciary sensibilities.

“For the past 10 years, HiddenLevers has been on the cutting edge of functionality for advisors and the executive teams and asset managers that serve them,” said Praveen Ghanta, CEO of HiddenLevers. “Today, let us also lead the way on cultural change by formalizing a voluntary ban on client data sales. We are making the contract language open source in hopes that other fintech companies, large and small, will follow suit.”

About HiddenLevers

HiddenLevers is a technology platform, providing next-level applications, business intelligence, risk analytics and economic research for the wealth management space. With over $450 billion in assets on its platform, HiddenLevers offers client-facing and home office solutions aimed at financial advisors, asset managers, and wealth management executive teams. The cloud-based platform includes a cutting-edge macro-scenario library, investment proposal generation, portfolio stress testing, model construction, and enterprise risk and revenue monitoring.

Alyssia Maluda
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