Holon Solution Launches Referral Preauthorization Application

Holon Solutions, healthcare’s leading data liberator, announced the launch of its latest application, Authorizations, which cuts the patient referral preauthorization process from minutes to seconds, saving hours every month. Holon’s Authorizations is fully integrated into their CollaborNet® platform, which includes patented technologies that work in concert to contextualize patient information to providers within any electronic health record (EHR), and from any connected third-party source, without the need for point-to-point interfaces.

As with the entire CollaborNet platform, Authorizations automatically surfaces the data required within the user’s workflow. The user initiates the referral within their EHR and Holon’s patented sensor-based technology automatically recognizes the event, as well as the patient chart in context. This allows providers to stay in the EHR, instead of having to log in to a separate portal and then manually enter the patient information.  Data required for the preauthorization is also captured automatically and submitted to the payer. Within seconds, the authorization is returned complete with the documentation needed for the patient’s chart.  Accessing portals, manual searching, redundant data entry and multiple clicks, all typical of preauthorization requests – have nearly been eliminated with Holon’s technology.

The application offers efficiencies to provider organizations, but also to payer organizations due to fewer preauthorization requests being rejected due to data entry errors or incomplete information submitted by the provider. Making the referral preauthorization process easier for providers also helps payers maintain high-quality provider-network integrity, which helps control utilization costs and improve member outcomes.

“Our Authorizations solution enables a virtual trifecta – save time, engage the clinician, and preserve workflow. This tool will absolutely deliver a strong ROI for both provider and payer organizations,” says Jim Tropauer, Holon Solutions Chief Operating Officer. “Combined with our Insights application, which is also powered by our recently patented technology, providers have a complete, context-sensing solution that allows them to unearth actionable data fully within their workflow and in less time, while payers can offer a valuable tool to providers that helps improve efficiency and promotes patient satisfaction.”

Primary Care Practice Saving 50 Hours a Month
One practice experiencing positive ROI from the Authorization application is Primary Care Offices, a primary care practice in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area, which submits an average of 600 referral preauthorizations each month. Since 2018, Primary Care Offices has used Holon to reduce its preauthorization process for one of its largest, risk-bearing payers from 5-to-6 minutes down to less than 30 seconds.

With the automated context-sensing solution, manual steps have been nearly eliminated. At 600 referral preauthorization requests per month, the practice estimates it is saving at least 50 hours each month. Thanks to Holon, the practice expects it could add one or two physicians without requiring another staff member to support the additional referrals. Moreover, of 4,149 authorization requests submitted over seven months, nearly 96% were authorized and only 3% were unauthorized by the payer due to ineligibility or other health-plan restrictions, not due to data errors or incomplete submittals.

“Eliminating the administrative burden of referral preauthorization requests is especially crucial now that we’re participating in value-based care payment models that reimburse based not only on our care quality, but also our ability to deliver care efficiently,” said Kyle Knight, an administrator at Primary Care Offices. “Receiving workflow-enhancing tools, such as Holon, from one of our top payers has been a huge benefit and is just one of many steps we’re taking to reduce administrative burden, improve patient and provider experience, and thrive in a value-based care environment.”

About Holon Solutions
Holon Solutions is a healthcare information technology company that liberates the data to liberate the care, putting the right information in front of the right people at the right time through our reimagined interoperability platform. Holon empowers risk-bearing organizations to optimize patient outcomes and financial performance by surfacing actionable, patient-specific insights directly to the point of care. Holon’s agnostic platform CollaborNet® surfaces contextual insights within the provider workflow, seamlessly shares clinical data from health plans and vendors, and automates documentation exchange and referrals across health communities independent of the technologies in play.  Our team of innovators is focused on removing the administrative burden from clinicians through our patented, sensor-based solutions.  We are grateful to be recognized by Healthcare Informatics as the “2018 Innovator of the Year for Value-Based Care.”

For more information about how Holon helps healthcare organizations fulfill the promise of value-based care, visit www.holonsolutions.com.

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