Holon Solutions and ReferralPoint Collaborate to Advance Physician Network Intelligence and Referral Management Offerings

Holon Solutions, one of healthcare’s most advanced knowledge delivery companies, and ReferralPoint, healthcare’s leading data-driven referral management solution, today announced an arrangement to embed complementary solutions from each other’s product portfolios, enhancing the physician network intelligence and referral capabilities they offer to the market. Holon will integrate ReferralPoint’s referral selection, tracking and engagement solutions into its CollaborNet® Referrals product. ReferralPoint will offer Holon’s patented CollaborNet® Insights “ribbon” as part of its suite of offerings.

Holon’s Referrals solution facilitates electronic collaboration across health communities by drawing in relevant data from a provider’s electronic health record (EHR) to initiate a patient referral and automatically populating documentation and coordinating communication channels along the continuum of care.

With the addition of ReferralPoint’s capabilities, providers are prompted to select the most appropriate specialist for a patient based on multiple criteria including network and health plan affiliations, provider outcomes data, physical location to home or work, cost, and more. Once a referral is completed, automated messaging – such as text or email – is triggered to close the referral loop between patients and specialists. Additional functionality enables organizations to measure each step from referral order to closed loop with analytics that identify leakage trends, cost savings, quality improvements, and more.

By delivering this level of specialty provider intelligence, referring providers have the information needed to make the best possible referral, increasing patient satisfaction, reducing network leakage, and better managing costs.

ReferralPoint’s solution helps organizations control network leakage, cost, and quality without restricting the ability to deliver high quality care. The addition of Holon’s Insights capabilities, which will be white labeled as the EHRibbon™, ensures providers get real-time alerts indicating patient needs, such as gaps in care, that may warrant a referral.

The patented, sensor-based interoperability technology from Holon detects when a provider logs into their EHR system and opens a patient chart, then automatically retrieves relevant information about the patient in real time and presents it to the provider in ReferralPoint’s EHRibbon. The provider then uses the pre-populated ribbon to initiate a targeted referral request. The integration between Holon and ReferralPoint provides a better informed, seamless workflow to achieve better clinical and financial outcomes with less work.

“We are thrilled to be working hand-in-hand with ReferralPoint on this unique arrangement,” said Jon Zimmerman, CEO for Holon Solutions. “Enhancing Holon’s Referrals capabilities with IdealMATCH means our clients have more tools for advancing their referral processes for greater business success, especially when it comes to increasing patient satisfaction while controlling network leakage and costs. Likewise, providing ReferralPoint with our Insights capabilities makes it much easier for users of ReferralPoint to identify when a referral is needed, qualify it, and complete the process through a streamlined workflow.”

“We are excited about Holon’s Insights capabilities, which we are branding as EHRibbon. By offering one-click access from the ribbon to IdealMATCH, and real-time alerts for when a referral is needed, we’re helping to ensure patients are getting care much faster,” said Robert Harris, CEO of ReferralPoint. “This relationship helps us fulfill our commitment to being our clients’ most trusted partner by helping them deliver the right care at the right time, while achieving their vision and financial goals.”  

About Holon Solutions

Holon Solutions is a healthcare information technology company that puts the right information in front of the right people at the right time through our reimagined knowledge delivery platform. Holon empowers risk-bearing organizations to optimize patient outcomes and financial performance by surfacing actionable, patient-specific insights at the point of need. Holon’s vendor inclusive CollaborNet® platform surfaces contextual insights within the provider workflow, seamlessly shares clinical data from health plans and vendors, and automates documentation exchange and referrals across health communities independent of the technologies in play. Our team of innovators is focused on removing the administrative burden from clinicians through our patented, sensor-based solutions. We are grateful to have been recognized by Healthcare Informatics as the “2018 Innovator of the Year for Value-Based Care” and recognized by the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Southeastern Software Association (SSA) as the best Independent Software Vendor in 2019 at the 10th Annual Impact Awards.

To learn more, visit www.holonsolutions.com.

About ReferralPoint

ReferralPoint, LLC. is a healthcare referral management company based in Irving, TX that helps medical groups and payors increase revenue, lower costs and regain trust by eliminating leakage, matching patients with the ideal specialists and closing the loop through data-driven referrals and scheduling.

For more information visit www.referralpoint.com.

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