Hotel Effectiveness® Introduces New Team Wellness Check-In

Hotel occupancy is rising, and hotel staff have begun to return to work. While safety and health are always top priorities for the industry, concerns about COVID-19 and the ongoing pandemic make daily wellness even more important. To address these concerns, Hotel Effectiveness® has launched a powerful new enhancement to the MyHotelTeam® application, Team Wellness Check-In. Hotel Effectiveness, with its award-winning labor management technologies, is used by more than 4,500 hotels to manage more than $15 billion in labor costs each year.

The Team Wellness Check-In will facilitate a safe and efficient return-to-work process through a simple and secure, CDC-compliant self-screening process for each associate before every shift. Managers will monitor which associates have completed each day’s check-in and will receive an instant alert any time that a team member reports a symptom through the app. This added feature will give associates confidence in the health and safety of their workplace, and guests will arrive knowing that the hotel staff is taking every step to protect them during their stay.

“The safety of hotel associates and guests is and always will be the number one priority for hotel operators,” said Mike Martin, Hotel Effectiveness’ co-founder and CEO. “One way to provide a safe work environment is through clear communication. When faced with the severity of COVID-19, we quickly wanted to help our customers by developing a free health screening process as a tool in our MyHotelTeam® mobile app.”

How It Works (See Infographic)

The Team Wellness Check-In is easy to set up and personal health responses and data are private and secure. Associates’ health-specific responses are never stored, reports are permission granted, and the data is highly encrypted.

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