iFOLIO Announces PURLs Product, Bringing Personalized Digital Marketing at Scale to Businesses and Organizations

South Carolina University and the Texas Rangers MLB among iFOLIO purl customers

iFOLIO, the global leader in personalized digital marketing, is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary PURLs product, now available to any organization looking to up their digital game. The power of personalized digital content has been known to provide a more compelling customer experience for some time, but until now, the process of creating and delivering such content has been cumbersome and time-consuming. With iFOLIO PURLs, however, organizations can automate the creation and delivery of personalized links at scale, freeing up valuable time and resources.

This game-changing technology has already been put to the test by organizations like the Texas Rangers MLB, who utilized iFOLIO to automate their season ticket renewal process for a whopping $48 Million book of business. “iFOLIO Purls gave the buyers a seamless experience where they were able to see all of their personalized plan and pricing information and renew in just a few clicks, while freeing up our team to focus on new business,” says Dan Hessling, Vice President of Ticket Sales and Service.

iFOLIO PURLs also have the power to transform client relations efforts, as demonstrated by the University of South Carolina Foundation. The annual process of sending personalized endowment reports to donors was complicated and time-consuming until iFOLIO stepped in. “We went digital with iFOLIO and the results were incredible. Each donor received a PURL report with everything they needed to know and the ability to easily donate all in one link. It turned out better than we had dreamed! Donors were engaged and some even reached out to increase their endowment,” says Kaydee Self, Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship.

With iFOLIO PURLs, any organization can now create a high-end digital experience that is personalized client by client, at scale. “Personalized marketing isn’t just a trend – it’s a necessity,” says Jean Marie Richardson, CEO of iFOLIO. “Let’s continue to innovate and push boundaries in the world of personalized communication!”

Join the revolution and start creating meaningful connections with your clients and donors today with iFOLIO PURLs.

More information: www.ifoliocloud.com


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