In-Home Senior Care Powered by Care Daily Artificial Intelligence and Supported Through KORE IoT Connectivity and Managed Services

KORE (NYSE: KORE), a global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and worldwide IoT Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS), announces its collaboration with Care Daily, a technology-based, in-home senior care company driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT.

The senior population in the United States is anticipated to grow to 95 million by 2060, accounting for 23 percent of the nation’s population. With the significant growth in the senior demographic comes an aging-in-place movement. An AARP study reported that 77 percent of aging adults surveyed desire to stay in their home versus aging in a facility.

Care Daily is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company based in Silicon Valley with an award-winning AI-assistant IoT platform aimed at helping seniors age in place safely and autonomously while also providing communication with healthcare providers and family. The core of the solution is the AI platform that is fully customizable and generates comprehensive analytics derived from data collected through ambient sensors and devices placed in the home communicated through scalable wireless connectivity, which is where KORE provides its services.

“KORE is excited to provide IoT connectivity and managed services for this revolutionary Connected Health venture,” KORE President and CEO Romil Bahl said. “IoT is driving innovation in healthcare and beyond to help tackle significant global issues. The aging-in-place movement is a great opportunity to build technology solutions that empower people with the autonomy and safety they desire. A terrific example of IoT-for-Good.”

“AI Caregivers work 24/7 and never sleep. Care Daily is on a mission to impact the lives of family and professional caregivers through personalized AI Caregiving experiences, and I’m proud to collaborate with KORE on operationalizing and scaling these proven solutions that help provide care for today’s exploding population of seniors.” David Moss, CEO and co-founder of Care Daily, said.

Care Daily recently partnered with Quil – the joint venture between Independence Health Group and Comcast – which is a digital health company aimed at providing health and wellness. Serving such a large client required rapid scalability in both device procurement and logistics, as well as wireless connectivity.

“KORE stepped in at a time when we required a connectivity solution that could scale with our customers globally,” said Chris Ebert, Care Daily SVP and General Manager, Americas and EMEA. “And uniquely, what KORE brought to us beyond connectivity and expertise is the ability to serve, via their managed services division, the hardware needs of our partners.”

KORE provides cellular and other IoT connectivity services to power solutions across the globe and offer up a comprehensive ‘one stop shop’ for IoT managed services to ease the complexity of deployment and make IoT work.

In the case of Care Daily, the devices and sensors communicate with the AI platform, which monitors the end user’s daily behavior to learn patterns over time and to detect and alert on deviations. KORE’s IoT managed services ensure that device and hardware needs are met seamlessly through procurement, configuring, kitting, shipping, and reverse logistics.

Care Daily has worked closely with the National Institute on Aging (NIA) and the University of California, Berkley to scientifically validate the platform in reducing anxiety and improving sleep for the caregivers of those with early onset dementia. Care Daily’s SaaS solution is the only AI solution scientifically validated to reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality for dementia caregivers.

“As we evolve into more robust medical devices, we will have the expertise through KORE to provide those to our customers and support our scale as we grow,” Moss said.

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About Care Daily

Care Daily is a Silicon Valley software company with the first scientifically validated at-home AI Caregiver service. Our patented technology detects falls in real-time, uncovers hidden health problems, and brings families and professional caregivers together provide care more efficiently across today’s exploding population of seniors. Service providers choose us because we’re the only company providing an app store for physical spaces. That means partners can achieve massive differentiation by inventing, deploying, and managing their own unique AI services for subscribers.

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