INFORM Continues International Expansion – Brings Unique Digital Decision Making Approach to Latin America

INFORM, an internationally known software development and business process optimization specialist with US regional headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, has set up a joint venture with its Chilean partner, Workforce Solutions SpA. The new company has officially been operating as INFORM Software SpA since April 12, 2021. The aim is to continue the over 50-year-long success story of INFORM’s Digital Decision Making technology based on Operations Research and Artificial Intelligence in Latin America.

INFORM Software SpA is headquartered in Santiago de Chile, Chile. The joint venture allows INFORM to expand its presence in Latin America and cover the region’s increasing demand for financial crime fighting solutions, as well as intelligent decision making and planning solutions for airline and airport operations, logistics, transportation, and workforce management. The smart, rapid and interactive systems elevate decision making for many dynamic business operations, enabling management to best deal with operational complexity and uncertainty. In addition, INFORM will continue to work with its two longstanding partners Portia LAC in Brazil, and Quantomm Tech in Colombia, which will continue to assist in serving INFORM’s customers.

INFORM’s Digital Decision Making technology integrates mathematical optimization algorithms from Operations Research and Artificial Intelligence, including Fuzzy Logic and Machine Learning. Renowned companies such as Volkswagen México, LATAM Airlines, Zurich Insurance Mexico, Zurich Insurance Argentina, Brazilian retail company Via Varejo and Chilean Mercedes-Benz importer Kaufmann are already among the satisfied customers in the region.

Strategic expansion in Latin America

Based in Santiago de Chile, the value-added reseller Workforce Solutions SpA previously acted as an important partner, serving customers in Latin America on behalf of INFORM, which has its corporate headquarters in Aachen, Germany. INFORM will invest significantly in the new joint venture and acquire shares, while the remaining stock will be held by former shareholders and executives of Workforce Solutions SpA, including the former and new CEO Federico dos Reis. “I am delighted by this special opportunity,” Reis said. “Together, we will be in a more strategic position to help companies in this market make better decisions and operate more efficiently through the implementation of software based on Artificial Intelligence.”

“We see the Latin American countries as a strategically important growth market in which we are happy to invest,” added Dr Andreas Meyer, CEO of INFORM GmbH. “As we move forward with this joint venture, we will expand personnel resources for sales, project delivery and customer support. It will enable us to enhance our service to our customers in Latin America and further expand our market position.”

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As one of the leading software companies for Optimization and Artificial Intelligence, INFORM develops industry-spanning software for optimizing business processes, anti-financial crime solutions and Digital Decision Making. Over 800 employees from more than 30 nations support more than 1,000 companies worldwide. Customers include corporations and medium-sized companies in industry, trade, aviation, logistics, ports, banks, and insurance companies.

INFORM’s technology integrates mathematical optimization algorithms from Operations Research and Artificial Intelligence, including Fuzzy Logic and Machine Learning. Specific mathematical algorithms optimize operational processes in the areas of supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, workforce management, fraud prevention and risk management. Due to the constantly growing availability of data in companies and the continuous improvement of computing power and algorithms, many more applications for Digital Decision Making can be expected across industries in the future. |

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